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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

November 20, 2014

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Michael J. Matt From the Editor’s Desk:
On Father Michael Rodriguez and the massive double standard. Plus, news on the Chartres Pilgrimage 2015

Christopher A. Ferrara Who Am I to Judge? Francis, That’s Who!
Now, more than ever, we must keep in mind the intentions of the Holy Father in the daily Rosary. Indeed, every Rosary we say should be offered as a petition for an end to the Pope’s strange behavior and for his illumination concerning the damage his words and program are causing the Church.

Nicholas Rao Cards Muller and Kasper Go to Washington. A report from Catholic University of America.

Brian McCall The God of Reason and Justice, or the God of Surprises? "The Troubling Orientation of the Pope of Surprises."   That God would not be a God of surprises but a God of consistency is consonant with reason. God is perfectly rational. Rationality is antithetical to surprises.

Father Ladis Cizik Saint Josaphat, Bishop and Martyr: A Catholic priest who refused to “get with it”

Hilary White
Back to the Source:
A Visit to the Birthplace of Western Monasticism

Kenneth M. Weinig On the Political Front…Abortion Is Not an “Issue”

Vincent Chiarello Cardinal Ambition: From Wolsey to Wuerl

What the Church Teaches On the Valid Reception of the Holy Eucharist—From Trent to the Catechism of the Catholic Church

John Salza Bellarmine Against Suarez? Another Critical Error in the Sedevacantist Thesis: If the pastor is a bishop, they [the faithful] cannot depose him and put another in his place. For Our Lord and the Apostles only lay down that false prophets are not to be listened to by the people, and not that they depose them.

Theresa Marie Moreau Real Life Stories… 29 Years in Logai: The Father Koo Story Continues

Timothy Cullen The Heights… Worried about Pope Francis and the Vatican's current silly season antics? Seek the heights, still the soul and listen for the silent yet thunderous voice of God.

Father Celatus The Last Word:Evolving Popes, Evolving Dogmas. We should not be surprised that Bishop of Rome Francis embraces biological evolution as fact. For at the heart of modernism is the premise that truth itself morphs and evolves and that over time humanity becomes more enlightened.

The Remnant Speaks On Solange Hertz: An Update; Remembering the old days and the old ways; False Mercy Creates More Victims; Thanks to Remnant TV; Don’t Contribute to the CCHD; Seeking Pilgrimage to Chartres Partners

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