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Saturday, February 18, 2017

February 20, 2017

By:   The Remnant Staff
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The New Remnant Cartoon
awesome burke


This Week's Featured Article...
a padre pio


He Never Said the Novus Ordo Mass
, by Father Ladis Cizik




Saint Padre Pio and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

Christopher A. Ferrara:
A Papal Feedback Loop of Self-delusion
As his pontificate nears its fourth anniversary, Pope Francis ever more clearly reveals a
megalomaniacal conviction that the Church and her teaching are his to remake as he sees fit.

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Michael J. Matt: From the Editor’s Desk … Remnant TV Hits 2 Million Views

February: Dedicated to the Passion of Our Lord
I beseech you, most sweet Lord Jesus Christ, grant that your Passion may be to me a power by which I may be strengthened, protected, and defended. May the sprinkling of your Blood be to me an ablution for all my sins. May your death prove to me life everlasting, and your cross be to me an eternal glory. Who lives and reigns, world without end. Amen.

Robert K. Dahl:  Fake News for a Fake War George Soros and his old buddy, Sen. John McCain, have an important message for you: "The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming!" 

Catholic Heroes  
Monsignor Hugh Joseph O’Flaherty



'Rad trad,' Monsignor O'Flaherty (in black cassock) – sometimes called the Irish Oskar Schindler, also the Scarlet Pimpernel of the Vatican – risked his life to save the lives of 6500 POWs, Jews and other enemies of the Nazis.

Paul Schultz: What the Church Used to Teach… The ‘Living as Brother and Sister’ Clause Since the 1917 code 2356 considered attempted remarriage, notwithstanding a conjugal bond, a more serious delict than adultery: the current alternative of living together as brother and sister would have been completely irrelevant. Consequently, canon 2356 was eliminated from the 1983 Code of Canon Law.

Emmet Scott:   The Decline and Fall of the Christian West If we seek to identify the cause of Catholicism’s collapse in its traditional European and American heartlands we need look no further than the Second Vatican Council: For the collapse, both in terms of practice and in terms of birth-rate, began within about five years of the Council’s close and the implementation of its reforms.

A Remnant Book Review by Christopher Malloy: A NEW BOOK BY MSGR. FENTON
One of America's Greatest Theologians     

Timothy Cullen:  Genetically Altered Humans and the Bottomless Deep

Where do we go from here?

Elizabeth Yore:   Pope Resurrects Pro-Abort Paul Ehrlich

Robert J. Siscoe: Pope Celestine III’s Error:

On the Indissolubility of Marriage Theologians

Michael Morow:  A Flaming Sacrifice: 


“Saint” Dorothy Day and the Suicide of Roger LaPorte

Father Celatus: 
The Last Word…
The Scorpion’s Stinger

The Remnant Speaks 
Letters to the Editor—
Trump and Constantine? (By Father Brian Harrison) Cardinal Burke Banished? Older-phobia? TLM in Turkey? Trump’s Trad Allies Buona Sera from Italy

Red Pills and Blue
On the Remnant’s Open Letter to Trump
Non-Catholics Appreciate the Remnant, too
Debating Dale
Young Catholics
Seeking Pilgrimage Partners  


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He Never Said the Novus Ordo Mass 


























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