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Thursday, February 22, 2018

February 28, 2018

By:   Remnant Press
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PUBLICATION NOTICE: February 28, 2017 Print/E-edition of The Remnant 

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Michael J. Matt ...From the Editor's Desk...
The Remnant is one of the few traditional Catholic organizations in the world that is not at all web dependent. They really can't shut us down. We've got plans. We hope you'll join us....To Read, SUBSCRIBE 


Christopher Ferrara A Remnant Special Report...
The Canonization Crisis


While Benedict XVI made some effort to slow the output of the Saint-making factory in Rome, it has ramped up production again under Bergoglio, who in five years has cranked out 885 saints, as compared with 483 saints during John Paul’s entire 27-year reign. Five of these Bergoglian additions have been declared saints without even one verified miracle being attributed to them. Becoming a saint-- at least comparitively speaking--is evidenty not that big of a deal anymore. You okay with that? To Read the Full Story SUBSCRIBE 


Timothy Cullen
The Calvary of Nikolas Cruz
Perhaps if some deracinated gunman decides to carry out a massacre at World Youth Day, someone within the Vatican might take the time and trouble to address the truth of the matter, but one wonders why they simply don’t do so now....To Read this article SUBSCRIBE

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Susan Claire Potts, M.A., Ph.D., M.F.T.
Ye Shall Know the Truth
This is the first of three articles dealing with the Alteration of Sacred Scripture. Part One is an Overview of Exegetical History and Method. Part Two is Textual Comparison and Analysis. Part Three deals with the Psychological Ramifications of the New Translations...To Read the Full Book Review, SUBSCRIBE


Catholic Heroes...
St. Columba Tames Nessy

St. Columba and Nessie

At the sound of the saint’s voice, the beast fled in terror so fast one might have thought it was pulled back with ropes. But it had got so close to Luigne swimming that there was no more than the length of a pole between man and beast. The brethren were amazed to see that the beast had gone and that their fellow-soldier Luigne returned to them untouched and sage in the dinghy, and they glorified God in the blessed man. Even the heathen natives who were present at the time were so moved by the greatness of the miracle they had witnessed that they too magnified the God of the Christians.  To Read the Whole Feature, SUBSCRIBE


This Week
Pope's Advisor Wants Raymond Arroyo Fired


Uh-oh. Sounds like Fr. Spadaro’s been @triggered. What's really going on here? …Read the Story online HERE


Hilary White
Last Trappist Monastery in Germany Closes

franciWho's Next?

Little Mariawald Abbey, the last Trappist monastery in Germany, was closed last month after a period of "visitation" that began shortly after the community attempted to return to the traditional monastic rites of Mass and the Divine OfficeTo Read the Full Story SUBSCRIBE


Jesse Russell, Ph. D.
Illegal Immigration: The American Bishops vs St. Augustine

germanic tribes

Catholics of every race and ethnicity have our back up against the wall in a fight against the forces of revolution and degeneracy that seek to use worldwide migration as a weapon against us to rob us of our wealth and fracture our communities. It is truly depressing that both "conservative" and liberal Catholic leaders are united together with the "American" establishment in an effort to eradicate whatever cohesion and stability is left in America...To Read the Full Article, SUBSCRIBE


Clare Wilson
Providence, Politics, and Prudence


How should a Catholic who voted for Donald Trump deal with non-Catholics who hate Trump and who think anyone who voted for him is a barbarian?...To Read the Full Article, SUBSCRIBE


 Father Celatus ...The Last Word
Pope Stars in New Film, All About Him

(Pope takes stage direction from acclaimed director, Wim Wenders)

Pope Francis 696x392

On Ash Wednesday, just days after Jorge Bergoglio was publicly accused of a cover-up with regard to the protection of minors and the faithful from predator priests and bishops, it was formally announced that in cooperation with the Vatican a documentary film will soon be released titled Pope Francis: A Man of his Word. Father Celatus nearly choked on his Lenten gruelTo Read the Full Feature, SUBSCRIBE

The Remnant Speaks…

Hello from Slovenia
A Recent Convert’s Comment on Remnant TV
The Halo Awards

Archbishop Lefebvre and the Vatican
Memories of the Catholic Past

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