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Sunday, March 25, 2018

March 31, 2018

By:   Remnant Press
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PUBLICATION NOTICE: March 31, 2017 Print/E-edition of The Remnant 

The March 31 issue of the Print Edition of The Remnant is in the mail, but you can access the identical E-edition online right now by subscribing to the oldest Traditional Catholic newspaper in the world. 

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Easter pic

"Christ manifested His Resurrection in two ways: namely, by testimony, and by proof or sign, and each manifestation was sufficient in its own class. For in order to manifest His Resurrection, He made use of a double testimony, neither of which can be refuted. The first of these was the Angel’s testimony, who announced the Resurrection to the women, as is seen in all the Evangelists. The other was the testimony of the Scriptures which He set before them, to show the truth of the Resurrection, as is narrated in the last chapter of Luke." - St. Thomas Aquinas -

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Michael J. Matt ...From the Editor's Desk...
NEWS ROUND-UP: Remnant Tours 2018 Pilgrimage Sold Out.  Washington State Bishops Beg State for Religious Liberty…Again! America’s Most Violent Come from Broken Homes...To Read, SUBSCRIBE 


Susan Claire Potts, Ph. D.
Ye Shall Know the Truth, Part II
They changed the Vulgate. This New Vulgate—supposedly now the official Catholic Bible—reads ipsum—he. Now the poor student won’t be confused. Now the "translations" are consistent with the Nova Vulgata, the New Vulgate…To Read the Full Story, SUBSCRIBE 


Christopher Ferrara …A Remnant Special Report...
Fake News Scandal Rocks Vatican

Vat press letter

March 18, 6:58 p.m. – Vatican/Vigano deliberately published a doctored version of Benedict’s letter even though the envelope was marked "personal" and "confidential"... Read the report in two parts HERE and HERE


Annie Laura Smith Catholic Heroes…
What the Gospel Asks: Three Heroes of Assisi

heroes of assisiColonel Vanentin Müller,  Don Aldo Brunacci,  Bishop Giuseppe Nicolini

In the introduction to his biography of St. Francis, Omer Englebert wrote, "Francis is one of those men of whom humanity will always be proud." Seven centuries later three other men in Assisi during World War II led their city to continue his legacy with their concern for others. The clergy and citizens of Assisi saved over 200 Jews during the German occupation of their city...To Read the Full Feature, SUBSCRIBE


Tess Mullins …Culture Watch…
Die to Selfie

deny your selfie

Selfies are everywhere, and don’t they just stink? They’re the pathological offspring of the marriage between narcissist and schmuck. From the perspective of "why are we here", humans can’t get much further off-base than compulsively inserting ourselves into every photo we take as we demand constant affirmation by chronicling our mundane existence on social media. So why are even traditional Catholics all into selfies?… To Read the Feature, SUBSCRIBE


Jesse Russell, Ph. D. A Remnant 80s Retro Special…
“We Are the Champions”: How the Lavender Mafia Got Over the Wall and into the Sanctuary


"Who am I to judge?"  Pope Francis was not specifically talking about the issue of homosexuality, gay marriage, or sodomitical acts: he was specifically talking about gay priests.  How did we get to the point where even the pope has surrendered to Sodom?…Read the Article online HERE


Patrick Doherty A Remnant Book Review…
The Immortal in You By Michael Augros

immortal cover

The tech boom of the last several decades has produced interesting technologies, but it has also been a little disappointing. As the Silicon Valley entrepreneur Peter Thiel observed, "We wanted flying cars, instead we got 140 characters.".…To Read the Review, SUBSCRIBE


Clare Wilson 
The War Between the Sexes: A Catholic Peace Plan
In short, in a society where morality has been cast to the wayside and the harmonious pattern established by God between Adam and Eve has been forgotten, single Catholic men and women are called to a new level of virtue in their dealings with each otherTo Read the Full Report, SUBSCRIBE

Father Celatus ...The Last Word…
Fox and Friends on Adulterii Laetitia

wolf cartoon

Francis the Fox has consumed countless chickens while hens stand by and excuse his behavior. Traditionalists are the thorn bush that refuses to be tricked and we prick the Fox with thorns. Thankfully, it now appears that Fox and Friends have underestimated the chickens and overestimated their own cunning, as they are caught in one absurd deception after anotherTo Read the Full Feature, SUBSCRIBE


The Remnant Speaks…

The Orphaned Left
Not Ashamed of Trump
Thanks for WWII Vet Interview

Christendom College Attack Dog Part of a Catholic-bashing Pack
The Only Way To Fight Modernsits Is to Cut them Off

Missing the Old SSPX

And more…

Remnant Tours News

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