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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

April 15, 2018

By:   Remnant Press
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PUBLICATION NOTICE: April 15, 2017 Print/E-edition of The Remnant 

The April 15 issue of the Print Edition of The Remnant is in the mail, but you can access the identical E-edition online right now by subscribing to the oldest Traditional Catholic newspaper in the world. 

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Here's a Preview of our Latest Issue: 

Franc and JacFrancisco and Jacinta: Models for Today’s Young People
By Martin A Blake 

We may recall that in 1908, the year that Francisco was born, King Carlos of Portugal and his eldest son were assassinated in the heart of Lisbon, and in 1910, the year Jacinta was born, the Republic was proclaimed leading to a severe persecution of the Church and economic disaster. The Freemasonic government declared that the Catholic Church could be annihilated within two generations. Less than ten years later, something happened...something extraordinary…To Read the Full Feature, SUBSCRIBE 


Michael J. Matt ...From the Editor's Desk...
The Synod on Young People, October 2018

Pre synod

Wasn’t the whole point and purpose of Vatican II to "update" the Church, to make it sufficiently "groovy" to keep the young people engaged? Wasn’t that what all the hip music, felt banners and hippie liturgy was about—the young people? Weren’t all those wonderful World Youth Days more or less guaranteed to keep the kids Catholic? So what happened?...To Read, SUBSCRIBE 


Jason Morgan 
Francis Using Chinese Communists, Not the Other Way Around

China Pope

Of all Bergoglio’s outrages against the Magisterium, none so neatly illustrates his plan to end Catholicism as his ongoing, slow-motion pas de deux with the Chinese Communist Party…To Read the Full Story, SUBSCRIBE 


Christopher Ferrara …A New Interview...
Cardinal Burke: A Call for Opposition to Papal Errors

burke fatima

On the heels of Bergoglio’s reported denial of the existence of hell and the eternal torments of the damned—an opinion he has not in the least rejected or retracted a week after its publication by Scalfari, leaving Greg Burke to issue a slithery non-denial—even Cardinal Burke is admitting that the situation this maniacal Pope has provoked is nothing short of apocalyptic.... Read the article online HERE


Fr. William J. Slattery Catholic Heroes…
Fathers of Western Culture: Ambrose, Augustine, Leo, and Gregory

The breakdown of the political organization of the Roman Empire had left a great void which no barbarian king or general could fill, and this void was filled by the Church as the teacher and law-giver of the new peoples. The Latin Fathers––Ambrose, Augustine, Leo and Gregory–– were in a real sense the fathers of Western culture...To Read the Full Feature, SUBSCRIBE


Andrew Senior …Poetry Corner…
The Garden of Innocence

escape at bedtime

We must indeed become as little children, and not just metaphorically. We must recover our innocence and purify our souls. And although we must go through the purgative way and do penance, we must also spend some leisure time in meditation. The active life depends on the contemplative.… To Read the Feature, SUBSCRIBE


Dr. Boyd D. Cathey 
The Demonic Revolt Against Christian Civilization

no tmy prez

It is a demonic lunacy, a madness of those who have lost their way, deny and, in effect, denounce their Creator, and therefore demean and dehumanize mankind who become nothing more than brute animals—without with a past, without an annealing culture and inheritance, and without God.…Read the Article online HERE


Vincent Chiarello A Remnant Book Review…
Charles de Foucauld Essential Writings By Jean-Jacques Antier

foucauld cover

If I were to ask, Remnant reader, who was Blessed Charles de Foucauld, how might you reply?…To Read the Review, SUBSCRIBE


Timothy J. Cullen 
Enter the Dragon

Hell exists, as does the Dragon. Denial of this as prideful Pope Francis has done is to indirectly deny the very purpose of God’s Manifestation in His Second Person. Enter the DragonTo Read the Full Article, SUBSCRIBE


Hilary White
Zeno’s Papacy and the Sherlock Holmes Axiom

hilarys drawing

After five years of this constant stream of scandal, error, heresy, blasphemy and outright blatant lies, are we now really expected to believe that Francis didn’t tell Eugenio Scalfari what Scalfari said he did? It’s true that we don’t have a recording of the conversation, and yes, it’s true that Scalfari is an elderly communist and hater of the Church. But these are the only bits of negative space left in the drawing, and all that surrounds them pretty clearly tells us exactly what we’re looking atTo Read the Full Article, SUBSCRIBE


Father Celatus ...The Last Word…
The Jorge Youth

Hitler Pope

In his pathetic Palm Sunday sermon celebrating Word Youth Day, Padre Jorge compared those who disagree with his youth agenda to those who called for the Crucifixion of Christ. What do you think of that?To Read the Full Feature, SUBSCRIBE

The Remnant Speaks…

Traditionalist Priest in Need
God Bless Patrick Archbold
A Peom on Hope and The Remnant

Priest Learning the TLM. Thank God!
Keep It Up, Remnant!

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