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Monday, June 4, 2018

May 31, 2018

By:   The Remnant Press
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PUBLICATION NOTICE: May 31, 2018 Print/E-edition of The Remnant 

The May 31 issue of the Print Edition of The Remnant is in the mail, but you can access the identical E-edition online right now by SUBSCRIBING to the oldest Traditional Catholic newspaper in the world. 

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Here's a Preview of our Latest Issue:

Pentecost Pilgrimage to Chartres 2018 Chartres dark to light

Michael J. Matt ...From the Editor's Desk...
THE ROAD TO CHARTRES... From Darkness Into Light

Standing in the murky midnight of the crypt of the Chartres cathedral, flanked by faded murals of St. John, St. Mary, and the apostles, painted a millennium ago by unknown hands, animated anew by the flickering candlelight, our hearts beat in unison with those of our departed fathers. We could sense they were near, moving from the darkness into the light along with us, especially when we raised our voices in the same song they’d sung on their arrival to this holy place, centuries ago— Salve, Regina, Mater misericordiæ, vita, dulcedo, et spes nostra, salve.... To Read his Story, SUBSCRIBE 

Fr. Franz Stock …Catholic Heroes… 
Archangel of the Barbed Wire Seminary

Franz way nice

In the shadow of the Chartres Cathedral, lies the moral remains of a true Catholic hero. Yes, he was German. Through no fault of his own, he found himself on the wrong side of a very complex geopolitical struggle. But not unlike so many German Catholics of that period, he was no Nazi. And during the war, he dedicated himself to his duty as a Catholic priest—saving souls and comforting the maimed and dying victims of war, regardless of their political allegiance…To Read his Story, SUBSCRIBE 

Kazakh Bishops Celebrate 50th Anniversary of Humanae Vitae

Left to Right: Jose Luis Mumbiela Sierra, Tomash Peta, Athanasius Schneider, Adelio Dell’OroKazakh Bishops

Read this positive message online HERE

Clare Wilson
Gender Pronoun Persecution

gotta be kidding

In mid-April, a guest writer came to speak about poetry at my creative writing program. She sat down at the seminar table during the workshop event, looked around, and said, “I think we’ll go around the table, and each of you can state your name, what kind of writing you do, and your preferred pronouns.” Those last words hit me like a slap in the face… To Read the Full Story, SUBSCRIBE 



James Bogle
‘Catholic’ Ireland Falls Into the Sea

Ladies and gentlemen: The Republic of Ireland has – very decisively – decided to vote down the 8th Amendment and so withdrawn protection from the most vulnerable of all Irish citizens – the unborn… Read the report online HERE



Elizabeth Yore …This Week…
Anatomy of a Coverup: An Open Letter to Pope Francis

Your Holiness, no. You weren’t part of the problem... you are the entire problem. You appointed and elevated a predator protector. For three years, you steadfastly protected him, despite overwhelming evidence that he should be removed as Bishop and from priestly ministry..…Read the Article online HERE


Andrew Senior …The Remnant’s Poetry Corner…
The Wine-Dark Sea

wandererThere is a tide in the affairs of men…

All that which concerns the sea is profound and final. The sea provides visions, darkness, revelations . . . The sea has taken me to itself whenever I sought it, and has given me relief from men. It has rendered remote the cares and wastes of the land; for of all creatures that move and breathe upon the earth we of mankind are the fullest of sorrow. But the sea shall comfort us, and perpetually show us new things and assure us. It is the common sacrament of this world. May it be to others what it has been to me. … To Read the Feature, SUBSCRIBE


Dr. Jesse Russell …A Remnant's Culture Watch …
Christophobic Minstrels: How Rock and Roll and the Beatles Paved the Way for a New World Order


In the struggle between Christianity and rock 'n' roll, rock and roll has won—for now. The Beatles are, in fact, "bigger than Jesus" in the hearts and minds of many people of the world in this year of Our Lord 2018, and it should be no surprise that the faux Christian band U2, one of the innumerable spiritual heirs of the Beatles, should lend their support to the most horrific modern manifestations of Satanic ritual: abortion…Read the Article online HERE


Dr. Boyd Cathey
The Royal Wedding, Reverend Michael Curry, and the End of England

markle sparkle

When the traditional champions of our culture and civilization quit the field, as the Windsors have done, only Evil smiles.

To Read the article, SUBSCRIBE


Michael Massey
The Frailty of Popes and the Endurance of the Papacy

three bad popes

Outlined below are the stories of one apostate pope, three heretic popes and four morally corrupt popes, but more importantly, the story of how the Church has withstood these scandalous stewardships. …To Read the Full Story, SUBSCRIBE



Father Celatus ...The Last Word…
Going Off the Rails...

Pope Crazy Train

Enough of con games and freak shows that belong in a carnival but not in the authentic Catholic Church. Francis Fraudulosus, no matter how many times you repeat it and lead others to join you, it is still heresy! To Read the Full Feature, SUBSCRIBE


The Remnant Speaks…

RIP, James Cunningham
St. Padre Pio TLM Pilgrimage
A Letter for Every Bishop
Kudos to the Remnant's Female Writers
Notice This? Yes, I Did.

And more…

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