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Friday, June 22, 2018

June 30, 2018

By:   Remnant Press
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PUBLICATION NOTICE: June 15/30, 2018 Print/E-edition of The Remnant 

Attention Readers: No June 15th Edition

This double issue of The Remnant became necessary after the recent Chartres Pilgrimage made it impossible for us to publish on time. Rather than go out late, we decided to publish a double issue. (Our next issue will be dated July 15, 2018)

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Here's a Preview of our June 2018 Double Issue:

Christ Sacred HeartThe Church dedicates June to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Michael J. Matt ...From the Editor's Desk...
The Sacred Heart of Jesus: Ultimate Defense Against Modernism and the Culture of Death

After so many years in the trenches--so much selfless dedication--why is it that the honorable pro-life movement is still fighting an uphill battle, with victories over the forces of death coming only few and far between? Could it be because we have accepted rules of engagement that were crafted by those same forces of evil? Isn't there a better, more Catholic way? To Read his Answer, SUBSCRIBE 


Jason Morgan
US Bishops Blast Trump, Wimp Out on Abortion

Bish weisenburgerBishop Edward Weisenburger (right) would like to canonically punish those who advocate the prosecution of illegal immigrants.

During the years that sixty million Americans were being vivisected in the womb, the American Church has been overrun by scofflaws. The Church now wants to excommunicate those who say enough is enough. But enough was enough a long time ago.… To Read the Full Story, SUBSCRIBE 


Chris Moore
Outraging the Form: Salvador Dalí and the Counterfeit Icon

dali last supperHis is not the face of the Christ in the icons, as in the archetypal encaustic from St. Catherine’s in the Sinai—the image on the Shroud. Neither is it like the face of a Renaissance Christ in either the pain of The Passion, or in the sweetness of a Raphael. Instead, and with this face, Dalí has cast the ideal of the features of the very worst of the modern clergy; as much a radical departure from tradition as the neo Mass is from the Mass of the ages. …To Read this Feature, SUBSCRIBE.


…A Remnant Transcript….
Michael J. Matt Interviews Fr. Linus Clovis in London

Mike Clovis interview graphicWatch this interview right now HERE.


Michael Davies, RIP…Catholic Heroes… 
A Bishop For Our Times:
Robert Grosseteste

head of a bisop“Robert resisted the pope in his day; in fact, he resisted him to his face, and yet by all accounts was a holy and saintly bishop. His case is yet another example from history of two important realities of which we Roman Catholics must remain ever aware: 1) that popes can and do abuse their office, give scandal and become guilty of evil acts that confuse the faithful and 2) that Catholics of sound mind and adequate formation are called to resist the unjust commands of such popes.” –From the Editor’s Intro
…To Read this Bishop’s Story, SUBSCRIBE 


Hilary White
COR ORANS: Another Evil Spirit of Vatican II

As I have written many times elsewhere, the one uniform characteristic of the current pontificate is the purge. It is clear now that Jorge Bergoglio was elected by a group of 1960s progressives to bring about the final removal of the last elements within Catholicism that have resisted the Vatican II revolution. …To Read the Full Report, SUBSCRIBE 


…Lives of the Saints…
St. Stanislaus the Martyr (1030-1079)

murder of stanislausSt. Stanislaus was murdered during Mass by the wicked King Boleslas

The soldiers then cut up the holy body and scattered the parts in a field for wild animals and birds of prey to devour, but the relics were miraculously protected by eagles. The canons of the cathedral brought the relics together, which were miraculously joined together, so the Saint’s body showed no traces of wounds or cuts. It was reverently buried before the door of the chapel in which the Saint was martyred. …To Read the Full Story, SUBSCRIBE 


Christopher Ferrara 
The Masterpiece Cakeshop Decision: A Reprieve for One Lone Heretic in the Holy Secular Empire

chrisThe Commission’s decision had to be set aside, Kennedy concluded, not because it was wrong on the law, but only because in applying the law the Commission “was neither tolerant nor respectful of Philips’ religious beliefs.”…To Read the Full Story, SUBSCRIBE  


Interview with Mother Mary Micaela, O.P.
Mother Prioress General of the Dominican Sisters of Wanganui

nun June 2018"It is a challenge to be both contemplative and active. This has been a balancing act since 1221. At times in its history the order has tipped too far towards contemplation and at other times it has tipped into a sort of activism. St. Thomas Aquinas reminds us that the Dominican balance between contemplation and action results in a life with the closest imitation of the apostles and Our Lord, while our dear Saviour was on earth." …To Read this positive message SUBSCRIBE


Dr. Jesse Russell …Remnant's Culture Watch …
Something Wicked This Way Comes:
The Heavenly Bodies Gala, the Whore of Babylon, and the Making of a New Religion

rihanna for JesseAt least symbolically, Rihanna is a new priestess of a new religion that has largely replaced Christianity in the public sphere. This new religion’s rituals such as the pornographic and sacrilegious Heavenly Bodies gala, have replaced the mass; its clerics, like Rihanna herself, have replaced the priests and theologians of the Church; and its new morals have replaced Christian virtue and the Gospel …To Read the Feature, SUBSCRIBE


Vincent Chiarello …Remnant on the Road… 
The Church in Scandinavia, Part I

Perhaps the greatest shock to Lutheranism in Scandinavia came when, in 1654, Queen Christina, the daughter of the Swedish king who died on the battlefield in Germany defending the Protestant cause during the Thirty Years War, converted, abdicated, and moved to Rome, where she died in 1689, the friend of four popes. She is buried in St. Peter’s Basilica. Fr. Lindstrom believes that Queen Christina’s conversion can serve a model for many more Swedes to convert to Catholicism …To Read the Feature, SUBSCRIBE


Michael J. Matt …This Week…
BUSTED! SPLC Fake News Costs Them Millions

splc fake newsIt’s time for Christians to stand up and fight back...while we still have the right to do so.

The SPLC has also targeted The Remnant for destruction. In order to help us continue to fight back and raise awareness, please consider donating to our tax-exempt foundation:

The Remnant Foundation
PO Box 1117

Forest Lake, MN 55025

Read the article right now HERE.


Michael J. Matt …This Week…
New World Order Fatigue Marches Across Europe

Many powerful leaders in Europe are sick to death of the NWO, even on a purely human level. This is a most welcome developement! We must support their efforts and help them reorganize the most vital spiritual component that will ultimately lead to victory for us all. Read this right now HERE.


Timothy Cullen

Rockwell watchmakerAs a child, I had at my bedside a twinbell, wind-up analog alarm clock, a Westclox Big Ben to be precise. When it sounded, only the catatonic could fail to respond. Bleary-eyed, one would reach out and hit the button to silence the alarm (the ticking continued unabated), then gaze at the large numbers on its round face and arise. In this year of Our Lord 2018, it appears that there is no small number of young people unable to read such a clock, an alarming assertion to say the least …To Read the Full Story, SUBSCRIBE


Solange Hertz, RIP … Remnants of the Past
Karl Marx and the War Between the States

marxie pantsKarl Marx

Are you ready to think outside the box? Abolition was indispensable to Marx— not for any humanitarian reasons—he called slaves “niggers” repeatedly in his private correspondence—but because he saw it as the quickest way to destroy the American bourgeoisie. Want to know what the Civil War was really all about? Read this Article, SUBSCRIBE.


Grady Stuckman
What is True “Pastoralism”?

What seems to be commonly thought by “pastoral” is “do what the community wants”. Loud blaring drums and guitar at Mass? Sure. Gregorian chant every Sunday? Sure. While it is true each parish has its individual nuances among both pastor and flock, “being pastoral” is not a democratization of the Church (as I just tried to demonstrate hyperbolically) nor an “imperialization” of authority. …To Read this Feature, SUBSCRIBE.


Dan Fărcaşiu
Theology and Quantum Mechanics

theo and quantumIf people could tunnel wholesale into Heaven, the Vatican should close shop. …To Read this Feature, SUBSCRIBE.


Chris Jackson
The Vatican is Coming After Humanae Vitae: Time to Fight Back

On September 11, 2017, Edward Pentin penned an article for the National Catholic Register entitled, Humanae Vitae Comes Under Fire. In that article he stated, “Recent developments in Rome indicate a campaign is underway to challenge the encyclical’s prohibition against artificial contraception.”…Read this article online HERE


Michael J. Matt
MAJOR NEW STUDY: Number of Homeschools Spikes Due to School Violence, Far-Left Bias

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homeschool book ad

We here at The Remnant are always eager to promote the home-schooling movement, and this report helps illustrate why. At the moment and personally speaking, my own family’s home-school is going great guns. We have a daughter still in high school and three in grade school. Our family couldn’t be happier with our decision to homeschool---yes, all the way through high school. …Read this article online HERE


Father Celatus ...The Last Word…
All That’s Needed for Tradition to Triumph is for Francis to Keep Talking

Are you kidding! They are waiting for the Holy Father to step in and stop this sacrilege! It was none other than Francis who set up this whole sacrilegious scenario To Read the Full Feature, SUBSCRIBE


The Remnant Speaks…

A Word from The Remnant’s Ally in Chartres, France and Editor’s Response
Letters from Pilgrims
Remnant TV Brought Me Back to the Church

Plus, a Letter From the Editor…

Chartres 2018 vid ad FINAL

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