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Thursday, September 13, 2018

September 15, 2018

By:   Remnant Staff
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PUBLICATION NOTICE: September 15, 2018 Print/E-edition of The Remnant

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Here's a Preview of our September, 2018 Issue:

September 15th is the Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows

Michael J. Matt ...From the Editor's Desk...
The War to Stop Francis

Matt fam v for vig

So, what to do? Praise God, there is an eleventh-hour awakening going on right now.  The first order of business is to try and catch up the millions of Catholics who are now and for the first time seeing the revolution in the Church for what it really is—demonic! We need to reach out them, sans any sort of “told ya so”, implicit or otherwise.  …To Read the rest, SUBSCRIBE



Christopher Ferrara
Can the Church Defend Herself Against Bergoglio?
Some Surprising Answers...

what exactly pope

These lessons of history should suffice to dispel the pious fable that every Pope is chosen by the Holy Ghost to lead the Church. This theological error, which Bergoglio has exploited to the hilt, is a key element in the related error of papalotry, which elevates the person of the Pope above the office he occupies and makes of him the leader of a personality cult, rather than a custodian and defender of the Deposit of Faith. –To read this, SUBSCRIBE



Hilary White
Where Do We Go?  Traditional Religious Life for Women--Some Suggestions...

If I were giving advice to a young woman visiting a community, I would say be cautious and reserved, and well prepared. Look at the website, read the articles online, but mostly go and visit and talk face to face. It’s the only real way to begin to get a feel for the tone and tenor of a community. Don’t let appearances, like a “full habit,” or even the Divine Office in Latin, fool you. Keep your eyes wide open, and especially all romanticism under strict control. Be an astute observer; don’t give too much away and don’t be too eager or enthusiastic. Try being a little reserved about yourself, at least at first. Young people love to share, but try to keep a lid on things for a bit, at least. --To read the rest, SUBSCRIBE



Tess Mullins …This Week…
BATTLE LINES FORMING:  Bishops, Priests (FSSP and Diocesan) Speaking Out

So, thank God that these brave priests and bishops are raising their voices, because  their presence means there is hope for theChurch. She will right Herself through the dedication and sacrifice of her faithful sons and princes. If that means some righteous anger, God love them! Complacency and quietism accomplish nothing; change is  born of discontent and fervor. …Read this Online HERE

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Fr. Heilman
The Depth of My Anger  After Decades of Effete Bishops

I became the enemy. My crime?  I fell in love with the “whole” of our Catholic faith, not just what seemed to be allowed after 1965. My love for reverence and the Sacraments and devotions and the Blessed Mother and the teachings of the Church was considered “divisive” … I was “the problem” in the Church today, in his eyes, and in the eyes of all who seemed to “hate” everything the Church was, prior  to 1965. . … To Read the Article, SUBSCRIBE



Michael Matt
Archbishop Chaput Asks Pope to #StopTheSynod, Reform Bishops Instead

bishop Chaput

Have you noticed how all the bishops and priests who have stood up in  defense of Viganò have been calling  for novenas, traditional prayers such as  the Prayer to St. Michael, exposition,  fasting, abstinence---all the traditional means of spiritual warfare that were all but abandoned by the Church of  Accompaniment? No mention of ecumenism, dialogue, discernment, right?  Suddenly, they’re all sounding quite  Catholic again.  Read this article online HERE


A Faithful Priest
NOT ENOUGH MILLSTONES: Painful Memories of a Seminary Survivor

So now we add our voice to that of the Former Nuncio and others who call for the resignation of prelates, including the Prelate of Rome, who have protected predators rather than the sheep. Shame on homosexual hirelings, standing in silence at the slaughter! Begone you wicked wolves, who prey upon the little lambs! --Read this online HERE



Louis Forbes
Sir Marmaduke Langdale  and the Northern Horse

The Northern Horse were the elements of The Marquis of Newcastle’s Northern Army, mostly from its cavalry, who elected to fight on after the disintegration of the rest of the Northern Army following Marston Moor. …To Read About this “Rabble of Gentility” and its Catholic Leader, SUBSCRIBE



Vincent Chiarello …A Commencement Address…
God’s Plan and Ours

As surely as what happened in England, God’s plan will eventually resolve the  break with Tradition that Vatican II  created. But what about you? Where does God’s plan fit into your plan? …To Read the Full Address, SUBSCRIBE



Tim Cullen
Truth and Consequences

The truth of what has been done to the  Roman Catholic Church is every day  more evident; the consequences must  now commence!  To Read the Full Feature, SUBSCRIBE



Father Celatus ...The Last Word…
Bishops in White  and Now a Red Heifer


Even so, on the one hand it could be  that the birth of a red heifer portends something apocalyptic. On the other  hand, many believe that there is a  creature of another color which is far more ominous when it comes to any impending apocalypse. It is not a redhaired heifer but a white clothed Jorge,  aka Francis. To Read the Full Feature, SUBSCRIBE


The Remnant Speaks…

Open Letter to the Current Apostolic Nuncio
Catholic Identity Conference
Feedback for RTV’s “Vigano: Instrument of Divine Intervention

And More!

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