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Thursday, May 22, 2014

May 20, 2014

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Michael J. Matt Preparing to Welcome Back Some Neo-Catholic Brothers   Many of the well-meaning occupants of the vast middle ground are growing weary of defending the indefensible and playing the part of enabler to the ruthless neo-Modernists who have commandeered the bridge. This growing Neo-Catholic fatigue factor should surprise no one, and here’s why….

John Salza Debating the Relevant Issues: Questioning the Validity of the Canonizations. Are they infallible? Are they legitimate? John Salza is fed-up with the latest Vatican attempt to prop up the great façade. What do you think?

Christopher A. Ferrara Traditional Catholicism and the Revival of the Neo-Catholic Nomenklatura The anti-traditionalists are back in the saddle again, and the neo-Catholic nomenklatura have resumed with renewed vigor their role as compliant Mensheviks alongside the still passionate, however elderly, Bolsheviks of the conciliar revolution.

Chris Jackson Demonic Possession Increasing Since ‘New Rite’ of Exorcism:Although it took the conciliar implementers 34 years, they finally got around to destroying the last vestige of Catholic ritual and liturgical tradition in the Church’s rite of exorcism.

Father F. X. Shouppe, S.J.  What Catholics Believe The Alms of the Neapolitan Woman How it is that the smallest act of charity towards the members of the Church Suffering is precious in the sight of God.

Timothy Brady “El Padrecito” Running the Good Race The amazing true story of one man’s 50-mile ultra-marathon in the mountainous region of western Chihuahua, Mexico. Who is this man? HINT: He is a Catholic priest and he brought the Traditional Latin Mass with him on the Marathon. Can you guess who it is?

Alberto Carosa News from Around the Catholic World The Remnant’s Rome correspondent reports on the first Catholic Church in modern times to be consecrated to St. Joseph. And it took place last month in Finland, of all places!

Theresa Moreau The Real Life Stories: 29 Years in Laogai: The Father Koo Story Continued.

Lives of the Saints St. Athanasius For behold they that hold the Place are charged by them that love God with making it a den of thieves, and with madly making the Holy Place a house of merchandise, and a house of judicial business for themselves to whom it was unlawful to enter there.

Kenneth M. Weinig Common Sense Apologetics: Conversations with my Dog’s Vet

Father Celatus The Last Word: The Francis Effects How long does it take to clear the air through a crack in the door when the House of God is billowing with the smoke of Satan and the fire is still burning?

The Remnant Speaks The Judge Scalia Interview, pros and cons; Are Canonizations Infallible? When the Internet Goes Christophobic; When the Ducks are Flying; In Defense of the Forthcoming Book on Prof. John Senior; Kasper and the Marriage Question

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