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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

August 31, 2014

By:   Remnant Team
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Michael J. Matt From the Editor’s Desk: The latest update on the format and publishing schedule for The Remnant in the future. Plus, a word on the passing of Anthony Fraser and the declining health of Solange Hertz.

Nicholas Rao Comfortably Numb: Addressing Our Aesthetic Blind Spot. Why are traditional Catholics unfurling the white flag of surrender when it comes to the culture wars? If you have kids you don’t want to miss this one from The Remnant’s newest columnist. 

Lives of the Saints Blessed Louis IV, Landgrave of Thuringia and husband of St. Elisabeth of Hungary

The Real Life Series 29 Years in Laogai: The Father Koo Story. Remembering what they did and are still doing to our Catholic brothers in China

Vincent Chiarello Islam, the Pope, and the End of Christianity in the Middle East

Timothy J. Cullen EXODUS: “Babylon” has become the global village and those within the confines of Vatican City apparently unaware that there is a Trojan Horse advancing toward the Plaza of St. Peter, never mind calling for a crusade to halt the encroachment. Where, then, for those who wish to leave Babylon is “our Father’s land” to be found?

Chris Jackson How Catholic Resistance Saved the Church (Conclusion). To want to draw our Catholic brethren away from what passes for liturgy in most of their churches and back towards their own blessed patrimony is not an act of disobedience, but rather an act of love.

A Modern Martyr  The Power of Prayer, Especially the Rosary A Letter from James Foley, first American to be killed by ISIS   

Chris Jackson Yes, but don’t Muslims worship the same God as Christians?

Father X Papal Positivism: The Wanderer Surrenders to Teilhard de Chardin

Peter Wilders Who’s To Blame? Darwin’s theory, as modified by Haeckel,Chamberlainand others, contributed to the death of over nine million people in concentration camps, and about 40 million other humans in a war that cost about six trillion dollars. The primary reason that Nazism reached to theextentof the holocaust was the widespread acceptance of Social Darwinism by the scientific and academic community

Christopher Ferrara Neo-Catholic Watch: Karl Keating and the Lawyer’s Chisel

Timothy Wichmer From St. Louis to Ferguson: What Happened? Vatican II happened!

Jen Mackintosh Traditional Latin Mass Watch. Our Lady Help of Christians Traditional Latin Mass Parish: A New Catholic Parish within the Diocese of Birmingham, Alabama

Patrick Brennan “What is traditional Catholicism anyway?” The Second Vatican Council changed no doctrine of the Faith, as it was exactly a “pastoral” Council. The oft-asserted spirit of “Vatican II,” however, did

Ken Jones Benedictus Abdicatus The author of “Index of Leading Catholic Indicators” pens a poem about Pope Benedict XVI worthy of G. K. Chesterton

God Bless Cardinal Muller: In a book-length interview just published in Spain, Italy, and the United States, Müller has resoundingly reaffirmed his opposition to Cardinal Kasper’s evil proposal

John Salza Remnant Apologetics Series: Who is a Member of the Church?

Walter L Matt/ Michael J. Matt Remnants of the Past: From the “People of God,” O Lord Deliver Us! I’ve grown weary of the “People of God”. I long for the day when Mother Church will tell the “People of God” to either grow up or go the hell, presumably still the ultimate destination for apostates. Plus, snippets from a 1972 Remnant article that is even more relevant now than then.

Vincent Chiarello The Pope, the Lavender Mafia and the Jewish Priest

Michael Matt Robin Williams: An American Tragedy

John Medaille It’s the End of the World as We Know It, and I Feel Fine It is not the ballot box that will change things. But growing your own food is a blow against globalized factory farms; educating your own children defeats the power of the state; making your own music and entertaining your neighbors defeats the whole wicked world.

Father Celatus The Last Word: Bishop of Rome in the Vortex of Contradiction

The Remnant Speaks Not Only Russia will be Converted; Creationism and Evolution; Pope Francis and the United Way; Nineteen Eighty-Four; Natural Family Planning; To Go Monthly or Not; When Traditional Catholic Resistance Saved the Church; Remnant TV; Siscoe and Celatus

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