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Chartres peeps

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The Remnant’s team from here the States is in France this weekend. We will once again be walking with our traditional Catholic brothers from all over the world on the grand Pentecost Pilgrimage of Notre-Dame de Chrétienté to Chartres.

I ask readers to please keep their fellow American pilgrims in their prayers as we once again attempt the 3-day pilgrimage across France. The now 27-year-old U.S. Chapter of Our Lady of Guadalupe will remember all of the readers of The Remnant in their prayers every day on the road to Chartres.

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 (May 31 - June 12, 2017)

Remnant Tours is still acceping restrations to join the U.S. Chapter for the 3-day walking Pilgrimage from Paris to Chartres ONLY.

Our pilgrimage to Fatima and Spain has sold out.

Call (651) 433-5425

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Email for more info: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Call: (651) 433-5425
Paris, Chartres, La Salette, Cotignac and the South of France
May 11 – May 23, 2016
(25th Anniversary of the U.S. Chapter of Our Lady of Guadalupe)

Remnant Tours 2016

On Pentecost, join 15,000 Catholics who will be walking from Paris to Chartres on the 3-day, 70-mile medieval-style: Pilgrimage of Notre-Dame de Chretiente!

Join Michael J. Matt and 50 American Catholics on  Pilgrimage in France!  Guides to Include James Bogle and Oxford Historian Dr. John Rao

  • 2 Nights in the Heart of Paris -Venerate body of St. Vincent de Paul
  • Rue du Bac (Miraculous Medal)
  • 3 days on Pilgrimage to Chartres
  • 2 nights in historic Chartres
  • 1 Night in French Alps, La Salette
  • 3 Nights St. Maximin, South of France
  • 1 Night in St. Raphael, Near Nice - Fine Dining, Fabulous Sightseeing - Daily Traditional Latin Masses

The Remnant Tours 
PO Box 1117 Forest Lake, MN 55025 

A $400 down payment secures your place on a spiritual adventure of a lifetime! (Cost not yet determined but will not exceed $3300, includes airfare, lodging and meals) 

Call us today for more info: 651-433-5425

basilica of our lady of la salette france4aJourney to the top of the world, where Our Lady appeared at La Salette (French Alps)

Quick Reference Calendar

(Very Rough Itinerary)

Wednesday May 11             
Depart USA for Paris

Thursday May 12                 
Arrive Paris, Novotel Montparnasse
Free Afternoon

Friday May 13
Paris, Mass, Guided Catholic Tour (Rue de Bac)

Saturday May 14
Walking Pilgrimage to Chartres

Sunday May 15
Pilgrimage to Chartres

Monday May 16
Pilgrimage to Chartres, Overnight in ancient city of Chartres

Tuesday May 17                          
Chartres, guided tour of Cathedral, free afternoon

Wednesday May 18             
Apparition site at La Salette, French Alps

Thursday May 19
St. Maximin, Hotel le Couvent Royal, South of France

Friday May 20

St. Maximin, St. Mary Magdalene’s Cave

Saturday May 21
St. Maximin, Cotignac, apparition of St. Joseph

Sunday May 22
Nice/Monaco (Free day)

Monday May 23
Depart Nice for USA

Join Michael J. Matt, Dr. John Rao, Chris Ferrara, James Bogle & Fr. Gregory Pendergraft, FSSP

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