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Author: Michael J. Matt POSTED: Thursday Aug. 12, 2010
Editor, The Remnant  

Dear Fellow Catholic:

With each passing day the vindication of the traditionalist cause becomes abundantly obvious to more Catholics around the world.  At the same time laws and prejudices against traditional Catholicism are taking a toll on the ability of Catholic publishers to freely defend Church teaching in the public square, while frequent hikes in the cost of postage and newsprint have already rendered many publishers incapable of keeping their doors open.

Now more than ever, Catholics must come to the aid of the Catholic press so as to keep the Catholic voice strong and outspoken in the war against secularism and militant Christophobia. But this last line of defense is in danger of disappearing altogether in the not too distant future, especially as a “free” Internet presents a wide range of temporary alternatives. 

That the Internet will remain free of government regulation in the days to come is highly unlikely. We are already being silenced! The RemnantOnline, like many other pro-life and pro-family websites, is being blocked in libraries and work places all across the country and in Europe because its uncompromising defense of Catholic moral teaching has caused it to be flagged a “hate site.” And this is only the beginning.  

If it is to remain independent, the Catholic press must strengthen its resolve to sustain itself without reliance on an Internet that is becoming increasingly censored and even hostile to Catholic moral teaching—teaching which powerful far-Left voices have already categorized as “cyber hate”.  Simple common sense dictates that we must not let the siren song of the Internet lure the entire Catholic press off course and into waters firmly in the control of those who would like nothing better than to silence the Catholic voice once and for all.

The Catholic press must survive with or without the Internet!

Pope Pius XI said “the greatest advantage should be gained by those Catholics who by the publication of newspapers and other writings illustrate, promote and defend Christian doctrine…They should confute errors and resist the wiles of perverse people.” And when Pope Leo XIII issued his encyclical against Freemasonry in Italy on October 15, 1890, he appealed to Catholics to see to it that the Catholic press be supported sufficiently to offer vigorous opposition to the Church’s worst enemies who were using the secular press to tear down the Church’s moral and political authority: In Dall’alto dell ‘Apostolico Seggio, Leo writes: 

In a word, they [Catholics] will recognize how necessary it is to cease from everything that is the work of the [Freemasonic] sects, or that receives impulse or favour from them, as being undoubtedly infected by the anti-Christian spirit… Moreover, seeing that the chief instrument employed by our enemies is the press, which in great part receives from them its inspiration and support, it is important that Catholics should oppose the evil press by a press that is good, for the defense of truth, out of love for religion, and to uphold the rights of the Church. While the Catholic press is occupied in laying bare the perfidious designs of the sects, in helping and seconding the action of the sacred Pastors, and in defending and promoting Catholic works, it is the duty of the faithful efficaciously to support this press—both by refusing or ceasing to favour in any way the evil press; and also directly, by concurring, far as each one can, in helping it to live and thrive.

With this clarion call to arms in mind, The Remnant and The Latin Mass Magazine will be helping each other expand and strengthen their apostolates this summer. We sent the latest issue of The Remnant to subscribers of The Latin Mass, and The Latin Mass publishers will be introducing their fine magazine to Remnant subscribers with a similar mailing. We hope Remnant readers will subscribe to The Latin Mass and thereby strengthen the great cause of which we are all privileged to be a part—the cause of restoration of Catholic Tradition.

In turn, I hope and pray that readers of The Latin Mass magazine will subscribe to The Remnant without delay. As seen in our current issue, The Remnant has not only retained its excellent stable of regulars, including Christopher Ferrara, John Rao, Brian McCall, Timothy Cullen, etc., but we’ve also added several highly acclaimed new columnists to the roster, including John Medaille, Hilary White, John Salza, and Robert J. Stove. In addition, we continue to offer lives of the Saints, children’s stories, and a very successful homeschool column as part of The Remnant’s commitment to promote Catholic culture and family life.

This spring The Remnant also returned to the book publishing side of this apostolate which was our bread and butter back in the days when the late, great Michael Davies was The Remnant’s lead columnist. The Church and the Libertarian by Christopher Ferrara, published by The Remnant Press last month, is now available, and by summer’s end we hope to have published two more titles, one by Dr. John Rao and the other by Chris Ferrara—the much anticipated Liberty: The God That Failed.

And of course The Remnant remains thoroughly committed to its European allies and the fight for Catholic restoration in Europe. The Remnant Tours continues to organize the U.S. chapter on the Notre-Dame de Chrétienté Pilgrimage to Chartres, France, every spring; and we’ve joined forces with Dr. John Rao in vigorously promoting his Roman Forum on the shores of Lake Garda in Italy each summer—an event which brings together some of the most influential Catholic thinkers and activists in Europe and America.

This along with a popular website, Remnant Online, keeps The Remnant in the thick of the fight for Tradition. What’s desperately needed, however, is an expanded subscriber base, and that’s where you come in. We cannot continue to go to press every two weeks without a substantial increase in the number of subscribers. Whether you’re a subscriber to The Latin Mass or not, please subscribe to The Remnant today.  Please don’t delay!

The enemies of the Traditional Mass, the Holy Father and all things Catholic are growing more brazen every day. They certainly are not backing down from their demonic campaign against Christ the King, and neither are we backing down in our counterattacks. But we need your help. 

With God’s help and yours, the Catholic press in America will not only survive but will become stronger than ever in its vigorous opposition to the forces of evil which would like nothing better than to silence the Catholic voice once and for all. We cannot let that happen. Please help us fight back! Contact us today and let’s go to war together.

Michael J. Matt

Editor, The Remnant

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