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Ground Control to Major Tom

(Tom Woods 'Loses It' on Chris Ferrara)

A Remnant Press Release POSTED: Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Remnant offered Chris Ferrara an opportunity to respond to Tom Woods's savage attack "On Chris Ferrara" published on Woods's website.  Ferrara declined, stating: "What for? Woods has no serious argument, which explains his resort to ridicule, insults, red herrings, a lot of indignant harrumphing, and character assassination. I hope Catholics interested in a reasoned discussion of the many problems with the 'Austro-libertarian' movement in light of Catholic teaching will read my book on the subject, which defends the Catholic view of man, economy and state as presented in the papal encyclicals Woods and his fellow Rothbardians reject.  John Médaille of the University of Dallas, who wrote the Foreword to my book, is quite right to observe that 'Austrianism has insinuated itself into the struggle over the interpretation of Catholic Social Teaching, in ways that in fact subvert that teaching, even to the point of rendering the Gospel null and void.' Woods can bluster all he likes, but that's the truth of the matter."

For a complete refutation of radical libertarianism please click here.

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