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The Remnant Needs Your Help!

"Honey, maybe we'd better

help these guys out!"


With an international economic crisis that just doesn't seem to be going away, The Remnant is being hit particularly hard this summer. Postage and production costs continue to rise each and every month, and it has finally become apparent that The Remnant is not going to be able to keep up.

We have several projects in mind that we hope will allow us to survive, including a revamped advertising service complete with new personnel to help provide better customer service to advertisers wishing to promote their goods and services in The Remnant and on this website.  

We have launched an E-Edition of The Remnant which is finally beginning to offset production costs. If you haven't already please give it a try.

We're also offering a special introductory rate for our print edition to visitors of this site who don't actually subscribe to The Remnant. 

For just $25, non-subscribers can get a one-year trial subscription right now!

We've also taken on several new projects, including the construction of a Spanish-language side to our website and the publication of several important books, including John Rao's monumental Black Legends and the Light of the World Order your copy here

We hope these projects will help The Remnant recover some financial security over the next six months.   But right now we have a crisis on our hands and we need your help.

Why we believe The Remnant

is worthy of your generous support: 

The Remnant is an apostolate. The services provided on our website are for the most part free of charge, and the subscription rates for our print edition--which comes out every two weeks--are kept very low. The Remnant is all about the Faith and Catholic restoration. It's first and foremost an apostolate, not a business.

Free subscriptions. The Remnant provides free subscriptions to prisoners, retired priests, home-school co-ops and religious houses.

A long track record of not backing down. For nearly 50 years The Remnant has been at the forefront of defending the traditional Catholic teaching, laboring for the restoration of the Traditional Latin Mass, and loudly proclaiming the social Kingship of Christ in a world at war against Him.

Provocative and controversial books not many publishers  will touchExample: Unholy Craft: Freemasonry and the Roots of Christophobia by Arnaud de Lassus published by Remnant Press this past Spring. Order your copy here

New book titles. In a few weeks, we'll be publishing a book by the late, great John Senior that will introduce a whole new generation of tradition-minded Catholics to this great traditionalist pioneer.

Support Home Schooling: By the Fall, we hope to have Sherry Foster's new book on homeschooling off the press and ready for distribution.

Catholic Action.  It's not just a lot of hot air. This year The Remnant again organized the US Chapter on the Pilgrimage to Chartres in France, for example, and sponsored nearly 20 young Americans to make the 3-day, 2-night pilgrimage of tradition. This pilgrimage is changing lives all over the world, and The Remnant has been promoting it for 21 years.

Now on five continents. The Remnant is being sent to dozens of countries, priests all over the world, curial cardinals in the Vatican, Latin Mass centers in the US, Canada and Europe.

With postage and paper costs going up every year, this apostolate's operational costs are astronomical.

Our competition in the liberal Catholic press is bankrolled by foundations and wealthy special interest groups. We, on the other hand, rely totally on subscription revenue  and private donations.

If tradition-minded Catholics want their voices heard above the Christophobic fray, they must support the traditional Catholic press.

Will you help us?

It is our hope to keep The Remnant in operation but to do the work of this apostolate we need help

Please consider donating to The Remnant Foundation, which helps subsidize this website as well as our print edition and book publishing projects.

Please consider helping us. We're outnumbered by the "big guys" on all sides, but we feel confident that The Remnant is on the side of truth and thus well worth supporting.  

All we need is a little help from you to stay in the fight. Please consider giving a donation of any size to The Remnant Foundation.

The situation is critical.  If The Remnant is going to survive the summer of 2012, we'll need help from you.

With gratitude in advance, as well as a prayer for the success of this crucial initiative, I remain yours

In Christ our King,

Michael Matt  
Editor, The Remnant


If you would like to help The Remnant apostolate by making a donation, you may do so by mailing your donation to:

   The Remnant Foundation
   P.O. Box 1117
   Forest Lake, MN  55025

You may also make a donation on-line via a secure payment gateway by clicking below:

Thank you!  And may God bless your generosity hundredfold!




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