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Wednesday, July 7, 2021


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Edward Pentin | DIJON, France — A French archbishop who plans to expel a traditional priestly fraternity from his diocese because they won’t concelebrate Masses has said he took the decision in anticipation of a new decree, or motu proprio, that Pope Francis is reported to be preparing to publish. 

“You will have a new motu proprio in the coming days or weeks,” Archbishop Roland Minnerath of Dijon was filmed telling a group of faithful who were protesting against the archbishop’s decision outside the city’s archdiocesan offices on June 26. 

On June 16, Catholic News Agency reported that Archbishop Minnerath would be expelling the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter (FSSP) from the Basilica of Fontaine-lès-Dijon, St. Bernard of Clairvaux’s birthplace, at the end of the summer. 

Father Roch Perrel, the FSSP’s superior in Dijon, told CNA that the archbishop had made the decision because the FSSP’s priests fail to follow a practice promoted at the Second Vatican Council of two or more priests concelebrating at the altar.

“[Archbishop Minnerath] wanted to concelebrate the Chrism Mass during Holy Week, but we haven’t done it for years, as we have reservations about the new [Paul VI] Mass and we don’t celebrate at the same pace,” said Father Perrel, who went on to emphasize that, according to Canon 902 of the Code of Canon Law, no one can be forced to concelebrate.

“The archbishop had first accepted [their refusal], although he didn’t like it, but now he is kicking us out for this motive, and in this sense, he is abusing his authority,” Father Perrel said, adding that the archbishop had been wanting to transfer the community a year ago.

The archbishop’s decision has caused an outcry in the parish and came in the context of well-sourced reports that give credence to the archbishop’s comments that Pope Francis is drafting a motu proprio that aims to restrict the celebration of Mass in the Extraordinary Form — news first reported May 25 on the Italian website MessainLatino. 

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REMNANT COMMENT: Perhaps this will help our critics understand why The Remnant has been vehemently opposed to a Society of St. Pius X “reconciliation” under Francis? 

If this papal plan were implemented, just imagine how much worse it would be right now if Bishop Bernard Fellay had "regularized" the SSPX a couple of years ago. There would be no recourse and no bargaining chips either. Why? Because, as it is, if the Vatican shuts down the FSSP and the other Ecclesia Dei communities, millions of traditional Catholics will just march on over to the SSPX.

Archbishop Lefebvre was right when he said that the only way his Society could reconcile with the Vatican at this point would be if the Vatican were to return to the Catholic Faith. Until that happens, the defense of the Faith comes first... even if that should incur the wrath of Pachamama herself.  

By the way, I'm convinced that the vast majority of FSSP priests will not go along with the anti-SP insanity either. In Dijon they're already refusing to back down, just as they'll do all over the world if this papal persecution continues.

If Francis wants a war all he has to do is carry on. He will have squandered the last bit of credibility he has left, and he will look even weaker in the eyes of his globalist handlers.

In other words, go ahead Francis. Knock yourself out!  MJM 


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