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Thursday, February 22, 2024

Reminder of How To Build Social Skills in Children

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Reminder of How To Build Social Skills in Children

Witnessing the growing lack of social skills in the youth, it is easy to conclude that the absence of the mother in the home of modern society has become pretty evident and damaging to the family unit and to the world.


Let's then remind everyone what are the basic social skills that kids need to learn because they are the natural pathway to success. Most of those used to be taught by parents to their children and most of them were already acquired by the age of 12 in the past.  

This list may help young parents to properly evaluate their own parental skills:

To follow directions

To thank 

To share

To respect others' property

To ask permission to touch others' things

To return borrowed items in a timely manner 

To understand personal space 

To respect others personal boundaries

To regulate emotionscrying boy

To use coping strategies

To use self-control

To deal with anger and frustration in a constructive way 

To properly express feelings and emotions

To stay calm in times of stress

To deal with worries in a healthy way

To ask for advice and know which people are qualified to give it (recognize that friends are not usually the best people to give advice, but parents and, failing that, other trusted adults of the parents themselves).

To talk when it is their turn

To not interrupt when others are talking

To have a positive attitude

To show empathy

It is time to put an end to the modern saying that adolescence is now longer and to the mocking of the people of the past who were capable of training their children in this way. 

To see someone else's perspective

To think about others feelings

To compromise

To apologize

To see how own actions could impact others for good or for bad 

To deal with problems and conflicts without using violence

To brainstorm solutions to problems

To be a good loser in sports and gamessportsmanship

To be a team player 

To think before speaking

To think before acting

To properly express their ideas

To appreciate differences 

To weigh options before choosing what to do

To understand what are the different choices on each situation

To understand the consequences that each choice might bring

To take responsibility for its own actions

To accept the consequences of its own actions 

To be reflective 

To acquire decision making skills

To develop healthy habits

To keep orderly their possessions

To cooperate with the household’s up-keepinglittle girl sweeping

To keep themselves always clean and of pleasant appearance without the need of fancy clothes, being slave of fashions or dress and behave with affectation 

To differentiate when and where each attire is the proper one

To value respectful simplicity above excess, immodesty and flashiness

To not be continually a burden to others but while learning when it is proper to ask for help and doing it without feeling ashamed or in hiding

To respect the rules of society without fear of going against society when it doesn't respect God's rules

To be responsible for their pets' needs

To clean after their pets

To know the health dangers each pet might bring and be cautious about

To respect that others might not like to be around own pet

To value self-respect but without selfishness and excess

To learn to stop manipulators and bullies

To fulfill own obligations and duties

To be a team worker

To build basic survival skillsfishing 2 kids

To distinguish when others are in trouble and look for help

To recognize some need or troubles and render when knowing how

To be considerate of others’ needs

To protect the youngest and the weakest

To choose healthier over tastier foods and drinks

To not permanently mark or disfigure their bodies with things they might later regret

To respect one's own soul and the souls of others by avoiding places and companies that lead to sin.

To avoid drugs, alcohol, illegal and aggressive behavior and gang-related actions.

To treat others as we like to be treated.

To avoid vulgar language and the incorrect use of one's own language because it offends God and devalues our own social image and our being as beings made in the image of God.

And these are only basic social skills to which we must add the development of Christian virtues. Let us remember that there are many martyrs among children as young as 13 years old, and such a thing shows that this list, which seems to be long and impossible, is not really so.

It is time to put an end to the modern saying that adolescence is now longer and to the mocking of the people of the past who were capable of training their children in this way.  Let's add that only 100 years ago almost all the children at this age already knew how to hunt, fish and manage to feed the family if the father was absent, and the girls already knew how to sew and knit their clothes and the family's clothes, besides ironing, cooking, etc. and they all read better, had good spelling...etc. Today we think too much about sending a rocket to Mars and handling robots and drones when children can no longer multiply and divide if they do not have a cell phone in their hands.

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Last modified on Wednesday, February 21, 2024