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For fifty years we have been fighting in defence of the traditions of the Catholic Church and the proclamation of the Kingship of Christ. In print or online, The Remnant calls a spade a spade no matter who is using it to bury God. Subscribe to the Remnant Newspaper print edition today!

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Sunday, November 19, 2017
Bishop Athanasius SchneiderBefore the recent Catholic Identity Conference, I sat down with Bishop Athanasius Schneider and asked him a few questions about the Traditional Latin Mass, Amoris Laetitia, Cardinal Burke and the Dubia, Communion in the hand, the coming desecration of the Eucharist, resisting Pope Francis, and the increasingly obvious failure that is the Second Vatican Council.

Please keep in mind that it was not my intent to “grill the bishop”. I have known him for some time and have come to respect him more than I can say. It was my intent to assist our readers and friends around the world to get to know this most courageous churchman—a man of faith and deep appreciation for the traditions of Holy Mother Church.
Written by
Saturday, November 18, 2017

Card wuerlCardinal Donald Wuerl

On All Saints Day of this year, Donald Cardinal Wuerl, Archbishop of Washington DC, issued his pastoral letter, “The Challenge of Racism Today.” In a certain sense, His Eminence's letter could not have been released at a worse time. The day before the letter’s publication, Sayfullo Saipov, a Uzbec immigrant, plowed into bikers in New York City, gruesomely killing eight of them. Saipov, ironically, was a beneficiary of the Diversity Lottery Visa program, which dates from the George H.W. Bush era but was crafted by the late Senator Ted Kennedy. 

Written by
Wednesday, November 15, 2017

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pope and luther
Down in the catacombs, Michael Matt looks at the startling ramifications of the official Vatican stamp commemorating the 500th Anniversary of the Protestant Revolt.  The stamp includes the same Crucifixion scene that appears on the facade of the Lutheran Cathedral in Lund, Sweden—the work of a Protestant artist that substitutes the image of Our Lady at the foot of the Cross with that of arch-heretic Martin Luther.  Why would Francis honor a 350-pound degenerate ex-priest who ran off with a Cistercian nun of 26 years? Luther, the excommunicated heretic St. Thomas More called an "agent of the Antichrist”! 

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