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The Modernist institutional Church today has no wine, and has spent the past six decades pouring out and even poisoning the wine of the New Covenant that existed before.

In this Sunday Sermon from South Saint Paul, Father speaks of the epiphanies -- or 'manifestations' -- of Our Lord as recorded in Sacred Scripture.

Among many other disturbing statements in the Roche/Francis Responsa ad Dubia, we find a reference to the so-called “irreversible” nature of liturgical reform:

“When Pope Francis (Address to the participants in the 68th National Liturgical Week, Rome, 24 August 2017) reminds us that ‘after this magisterium, after this long journey, We can affirm with certainty and with magisterial authority that the liturgical reform is irreversible’ he wants to point us to the only direction in which we are joyfully called to turn our commitment as pastors.”

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In this episode of RTV’s The Remnant Underground, Michael J. Matt takes a quick look at President Joe "The Catholic" Biden’s war on "domestic terrorists," arguing that 60 years after Vatican II, "reformed" Catholics have become a threat to freedom-loving patriots everywhere.

What is “domestic terrorism”? If it is not defined by law, how is it NOT just Democrat politicians – the worst of whom claim to be Catholics – criminalizing those with whom they disagree?

Plus, why does Pope Francis’s agenda line up perfectly with that of Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, George Soros, and Joe Biden?

And why is Pope Francis choosing this pandemic moment to crack down on Traditional Catholics? Is it because of all people, Latin Mass Catholics are least likely to comply with the draconian dictates of the New Normal?

Using testimony from William F. Buckley and Michael Davies, Michael Matt explains why attacking the traditional Catholic Mass and Sacraments has always been key to the establishment of a new globalist political order, what some used to call the Reign of Antichrist.

By the way, what in the world is that image that appears over Steve Bannon’s shoulder on the set of War Room and why is it there?

And, finally, is The Great Reset just a "rad trad" conspiracy theory? If so, are Victor Davis Hanson, Klaus Schwab and Prince Charles traditional Catholics, then?

Looking at the political elite's war on God, Michael asks the question: How much worse does it have to get before mainstream Catholics realize that if civilization is to survive, every practicing Catholic must become a Traditionalist, just as every God-fearing patriot must become a true Conservative?


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A recent Crisis Magazine article by Clement Harold opened with a quote from a conversation between psychologist Jordan Peterson and Bishop Robert Barron. In speaking of the alarming exodus from the Catholic Church, Dr. Peterson opined:

My sense is that it’s because the Church does not demand enough of young people. And by not demanding enough it doesn’t indicate its faith in their possibility…  And this isn’t hit home… And the reason that people are leaving is because that adventure isn’t being put before them.

Dilecta Mea — About the Holy Apostolic Mass
Viganò's heartfelt message to priests and bishops

You who permit yourselves to prohibit the Holy Apostolic Mass, have you ever celebrated it? You who from the height of your liturgical cathedrae are piqued about the “old Mass,” have you ever meditated on its prayers, its rites, and its ancient and sacred gestures? I have asked myself this many times in the past few years: because I myself, even though I knew this Mass since I was very young; even though I had learned to serve it and respond to the celebrant when I was so little that I was still wearing boys’ knickers, I had almost forgotten it and lost it. Introibo ad altare Dei. Kneeling in winter on the ice-cold steps of the altar, before going to school. Sweating on hot summer days under my altar boy’s vestments. I had forgotten that Mass, even though it was the Mass of my ordination as a priest on 24 March 1968: an era in which one could already perceive the signs of the revolution that shortly thereafter would deprive the Church of her most precious treasure, imposing a counterfeit ritual in its place.

The black legends of Catholicism—crusades, inquisitions, Galileo, etc.—are useful to the Church's opponents. They can take an undeniable historical event, remove it from its historical context, and ascribe its bad characteristics to the Church. If the Church goes away, they suggest, the bad will go with it. 

The inference is circular, since it assumes what it purports to prove:  the Church is bad. Rhetorically, however, the move often works. Catholics are reduced to discussing historical context, which no one cares about, or maintaining that non-Catholic societies are even worse, which is insufficiently utopian and therefore no fun.

Thursday, January 13, 2022

COVID PREDATORS: Our Next Black Legend

Written by

New From RTV...

Father Daniel Nolan of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter risks everything in order to speak Catholic truth to Globalist power. This outstanding sermon was pulled down by YouTube, of course, and we are posting it here at on our own and with no authorization from (or request by) Father Nolan. 

Whether we think of him as an anti-pope or merely one of the the worst popes in history, the fact remains that Francis has arrogated to himself a power that no pope can ever have: to reshape the Holy Catholic Church to fit the anti-Catholic objectives of the globalists. Even if we consider him to be far worse than his immediate predecessors, though, we have to look back to the pre-Vatican II popes if we want to find Successors of Peter who assiduously defended the Mystical Body of Christ. And when we read the great encyclicals of the popes who warned about the Liberal and Modernist errors that were threatening the Church prior to Vatican II, we are struck by the way in which everything has changed. Pope Francis attacks Catholics for believing what the pre-Vatican II popes said we must always believe to remain Catholic.

Our niece, a civilian nuclear engineer doing work for the Navy, recently contacted us with questions about how she might go about preparing a statement of religious objection to a vaccine mandate she is facing. With OSHA’s workplace vaccine mandate currently in legal limbo, it’s a good time to examine the concept of religious exemption, and a few questions immediately come to mind:

New from Remnant TV...

This week, seven hundred healthcare workers at the Mayo Clinic lost their jobs for being noncompliant with the Biden Administration’s vaccine mandate. Many of these former “frontline heroes” objected on moral grounds, due to the connection between Covid vaccines and aborted fetal tissue.

In the pages of The Remnant, we have been running The Good Cop Files which tell the stories of Catholic police officers who’ve lost their jobs for refusing to take an abortion-tainted vaccine.

New from RTV...

In this Sunday Sermon from South Saint Paul, Father explains how a Godless and irrational fear is driving faith out of our world and leading to global tyranny.

This powerful and inspiring sermon is given during Christmastide, and thus reminds us that we are still celebrating the Birth of Jesus Christ and we must use the great feast to help us let our faith drive out the ungodly fear of Covid and any sort of New World Order.