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Michael Matt | Editor

Uh-oh. Sounds like Fr. Spadaro’s been @triggered…

February 20, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – Papal confidante Father Antonio Spadaro retweeted a call for EWTN to be severely censured “until they get rid of Raymond Arroyo.”

The call for an “interdict” to be imposed on the Catholic media empire started by Mother Angelica came from Anthony Annett, Assistant to the Director at the International Monetary Fund’s Communications Department.

An interdict is essentially one step short of excommunication. It bans a person or people from accessing most Church Sacraments.

Annett called for an interdict to be imposed on EWTN because of a February 15 World Over segment.

“Make no mistake,” tweeted Annett, the show’s discussion of a recent Spadaro speech and ultra-liberal Cardinal Blase Cupich “represent ‘total war’ on the papacy of Pope Francis.”

…Arroyo was a close friend of Mother Angelica. He is the author of numerous books. As confusion has mounted during Pope Francis’ reign, his signature show, The World Over, has analyzed troubling developments in the Church. Arroyo often does this with the help of Father Gerald Murray and Robert Royal (the “papal posse”).

Spadaro, a Jesuit who is often called the pope’s “mouthpiece,” frequently criticizes critics of Amoris Laetitia’s ambiguity or the Francis pontificate. He is the editor-in-chief of La Civiltà Cattolica. Read the full report HERE

REMNANT COMMENT:  Good for Raymond Arroyo! What Father Spadaro--the "Pope's Mouthpiece"--doesn't realize is that the shark has been jumped. The jig is up. The cat's out of the Vatican’s bag. The world is onto them. Get rid of Raymond Arroyo and he'll become an even more outspoken critic of the Vatican dog and pony show. Consign him to the Gulag and a dozen others will step up and take his place. Nobody is falling for it anymore, Father Tony....nobody! 

Pope Francis has awakened the sleeping giant. All glory and honor to God.

(Note to Raymond Arroyo: If worse comes to worst and you find yourself living under a bridge somewhere, eating out of dumpster and hiding from Vatican hitmen--well, you're always welcome at our fire.)


UPDATE: Since this was published, five more pilgrims have been fully sponsored. Thank you very much for your generous support, and please check the list below for the remaining candidates. 

As a homeschool dad, I’m frequently asked how my wife and I deal with the physical education of our seven kids. The answer is always the same: sports, of all kinds.  Canoeing as a family, hiking, biking.  I’m a pretty terrible tennis player, but my eldest son and I played so much tennis while he was growing up that he’s now playing for his university. In his absence, my third eldest daughter regularly uses the Old Dad Tennis Ball Machine to work on her game. It’s a family affair, but my wife and I have always believed that a family that prays and plays together—STAYS together.

Another great sport for those who live in the colder climes—i.e., “God’s country”—is cross-country skiing. Downhill skiing is fine and it’s a lot of fun, but it’s an expensive sport, and there’s nothing quite like cross-country skiing in terms of physical and even mental development for youngsters.

It’s true, there isn’t a high “wow factor” in cross-country skiing. First and foremost, it’s challenging! But for that very reason, it’s also excellent for developing strong and healthy kids.  Plus, it’s a very inexpensive sport.  A one-time investment in skis, and you’re off to the races on the free ski trails available all over the north country.

a good birkieWalter & Michael Matt, Birkebeiner Ski Race

But, again, skiers of all ages have to work at it. First time out in a new season, for example, and it’s huffing and puffing discouragement after maybe a half-mile. But kids learn to understand that they’ve got to push on, even when it hurts. Cross-country skiing is not for snowflakes.

Some of the girls in our family like classic or “in-line” traditional skating, whereas the boys (and tomboys) tend to enjoy the more popular “skate skiing”. Either way, it’s a technique that requires years to develop, which gives kids a tremendous sense of accomplishment if they stick to it. The same teenager who was near tears wanting to quit in December is, by February, doing five miles and smiling all the way. And the ski trail takes the whole family deep into the woods where they’d not likely go on 10-degree mornings were it not for the “skinny skis” … and the challenge.

The largest cross-country ski race in America is held in Cable, Wisconsin every February—about two hours by car from St. Paul, MN. It’s a 50-kilometer trail through woods, up steep inclines and over the gorgeous trails leading to downtown Hayward, WI. At the front of the event, world-class skiers—the best in the world, in fact—compete for prize money and positioning in the Worldloppet Ski Federation.

Here's an official promotional video from the 2016 event:

In the middle are the up and coming skiers—tomorrow’s Olympians. And then falling in behind them are skiers of every skill level, age and variety. Naturally, the farther back you go the more old-timers you see chugging along—but everyone’s there for the same reason: love for the sport.

Over the years, some of the more adventurous skiers in our homeschool community have taken positions in that column of some 13,000 skiers. For old timers like this writer, it’s at the back and slow going, but no less beautiful, no less rewarding. We’ve skied for different causes, but this year it’s all about finding sponsors to send the last few young people on pilgrimage to Chartres, France in May—the premier Traditional Catholic event, the promotion of which I’ve dedicated 27 years of my life.

I’m so keen on finding sponsors for these kids this year that I’ve decided to ski the American Birkebeiner on their behalf. My son, Walter (20 years old), and I will attempt it together, and we’ll be wearing Vendee badges in the hopes of sparking up conversations about the Pilgrimage along the way.

The event—which takes place Saturday February 24—is 50 kilometers long, and I’m hoping to find a few generous souls who’d be interested in sponsoring our two-man team on a per-K basis. If that’s you, please click the button below and make up your own pledge—whether it might be $1 per kilometer, $2 $5—whatever you like. You can help get these young and worthy traditional Catholic pilgrims sponsored and then your name and prayer intention will be read aloud every day during the Pilgrimage to Chartres.  You'll find application letters and photos of the aspiring pilgrims below. Please indicate which pilgrim you'd like to sponsor.

Anyone interested in watching the “Birkie” live on Saturday to see how we fare, by the way, can access the Birkie website and make use of the live streaming. http://www.birkie.com/

I’m not getting any younger, and this is a long race. So it might take me awhile. Please keep us in your prayers and many thanks for considering this request for sponsorship in this really great cause. 

Those new to the Chartres Pilgrimage may enjoy watching the little video below. Also, there are still 5 spots left on this year’s Remnant pilgrimage to France/Portugal. Contact us if you’re interested in joining us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Seeking Pilgrimage Sponsors

Mark Camandy

Dear Remnant Readers: My Name is Mark Chamandy.  I live in Rockville, Maryland and I am the third of six kids in my family. I attend Christendom College and I’m currently a sophomore there studying political science. I have been a big fan of the Remnant Newspaper even since I attended the Catholic Identity Conference this past October.

I wish to attend the Chartres pilgrimage because it would be a great experience for me since I have never been in Europe nor been on a pilgrimage before. It would also be a great opportunity to meet traditional Catholics like myself from all over the world. It is a blessing to know that there are like-minded individuals around the world who believe what I believe because in the post Vatican II world it is extremely difficult to find such people. Like many Catholics, it is hard to attend a traditional latin mass in my area because there are very few parishes that offer it and the parishes that do offer the latin mass are a great distance away from me. Thus, it is my hope that through all the praying and sacrificing I will make during the pilgrimage, that in the future there may be more opportunities for me to attend the latin mass. I also will include the prayer intentions of anyone who sponsors me.

Mark Chamandy ($200 thus far)


Benjamin Montgomery

Dear Remnant Readers: My name is Benjamin Montgomery and I am from southwest Ohio.  I have recently begun to attend Holy Family (FSSP) in Dayton, Ohio whenever I am back home from college.  I am 21 years old, and a junior at one of the few conservative Catholic colleges in the nation.  I first learned about the Latin Mass my senior year in high school, when my brother came back from college explaining it to me. However, I did not have the opportunity to attend a Latin Mass until a year later when I began to attend College. From there I continued to learn more about the tradition of the Church, which has changed my life much more than I could have imagined. 

I learned of the Chartres Pilgrimage from my brother, who had just been learning about the pilgrimage himself.  Reading about the experiences of others on this pilgrimage grounded my desire to go on this pilgrimage, and I do not want to miss an opportunity to join thousands of other Catholics in a movement that is greatly needed in the Church.  I wish to have the opportunity to give glory and honor to our Lord Jesus Christ and to attain the graces for myself to grow in virtue, for those that I will pray for, and for the Church.  I look forward to attending this pilgrimage, because it will be a wonderful change of pace for my daily life.  It will be a great change in atmosphere to be around so many other Catholics who share the same values that I do, especially because I am quite often surrounded by people who would rather not hear about traditional Catholicism, or those who simply do not see the importance of it.  I would appreciate the opportunity to attend this pilgrimage which I hope will prepare me to serve Christ for the duration of my life on earth.

In order to attend this pilgrimage, I will need some assistance with the cost of the pilgrimage, as I have another full year of college that I have yet to pay for before I graduate.  I will be able to cover half of the cost for the pilgrimage, but I will need to rely on assistance for the rest of the cost.  I appreciate all that you are able to offer and ensure you that I will pray for you and any intentions that you may have during the pilgrimage. Thank you, and God bless.

Benjamin Montgomery ($270 thus far)


Nicholas Heiny

Dear Remnant Readers: My name is Nicholas Heiny and I am interested in attending the Chartres Pilgrimage. I am 22 years old, a cradle Catholic, and a senior business student at Indiana University Bloomington. Growing up, I attended a conservative Catholic parish in Fort Wayne, IN. I was first introduced to the Tridentine Mass after graduating from high school. The grandeur and sublime essence of the liturgy captivated me, yet I still had no real idea of what I had just experienced and no real guidance as my family members are not traditionalists.

For the past few years, I have attended Sacred Heart (FSSP) in Fort Wayne. Frequently attending the TLM has worked wonders in my spiritual life, giving me a greater understanding of Holy Mass and the holy priesthood, the necessity of confession, and introduced me to traditional devotions and theology. Attending a Low Mass with my now-deceased Catholic grandmother who was born in 1917 was the turning point from tepidness to conviction with Tradition for me. This was her first Latin Mass since the wholesale changes in 1969. While it took her a bit to recollect the ways of the old liturgy, she eventually followed along smoothly. Even at the age of 98, at the time for Communion, she calmly knelt down at the communion rail and received the Eucharist on the tongue. I was moved to tears because of her profound devotion and belief in the Real Presence. After Mass, she just smiled and said, "It was just like the good ol' days." Afterwards, I could no longer continue to turn a blind eye and accept the many novelties so prevalent in many New Masses.

Being a business student at a large secular state university that, has no traditional sacrament and, until very recently, had a nonexistent Catholic Newman center, I have experienced firsthand the temptations of the world as well as the emptiness that much of the corporate world has to offer. As a person who is delving deeper into true Catholic Social Teaching and its integration into professional life, I believe that the Chartres pilgrimage will provide me with a truly ethereal spiritual experience, create true Catholic camaraderie, and strengthen the Church Militant. I am truly convinced that the restoration of the Church will begin with the restoration and affirmation of her traditional faith, liturgy, theology, and soul. The Chartres Pilgrimage will be the chance of a lifetime to experience a glimpse of what the Church is destined to become once again! I will be working this semester to help afford the cost and I appreciate all that you are able to contribute. I will most earnestly pray for you and any intentions that you may have during the pilgrimage. Sincerely thank you and God bless. Viva Cristo Rey y la Virgen de Guadalupe!"

Nicholas E. Heiny ($300 thus far)


Dear Remnant Readers: To glorify God is to worship Him the way that He desires to be worshipped. That is precisely what led me to transform how I worshipped Him on Sundays. I attend the Ordinariate Chair of St. Peter, which is not the Novus Ordo, but very similar to a Latin Mass in English. Our Lord deserves to be worshipped with reverence and awe. This is what I was longing for, and I found it in attending the Ordinariate Chair of St. Peter.

Attending a reverent mass is what transformed me spiritually. It inspired me to worship God with more holy fear, and the environment I was worshipping in allowed me to do that. It is also what led me to traditional Catholicism. Furthermore, it inspired me to grow in virtues such as modesty and my overall love for God, along with the desire to acquire more knowledge about the state of the Catholic Church today.

Due to unfortunate circumstances, I am unable to attend the Traditional Latin Mass. This pilgrimage would be a wonderful opportunity for me to experience the Latin Mass, especially in such a beautiful place as Chartres is. Experiencing the wonder and awe that the magnificent cathedrals offer would be amazing, as I have never actually seen churches of that kind in real life. Additionally, being able to worship and pray alongside other traditional Catholics who are my age would be incredible, especially because traditional Catholics in my area are very hard to come by.

Gabriella Gladney ($1200 thus far)


Samuel Ratner

Dear Remnant Readers: My name is Samuel Ratner. I am a 21-year-old philosophy and theology major from the Catholic University of America who will be taking a gap year after college to focus on my spiritual growth. I am writing to ask for your financial assistance so that I may participate in the 2018 pilgrimage. I am prepared to cover as much as $750 of my expenses, but I am seeking sponsorship from the readers of the Remnant so that I can raise the rest (or, God willing, receive a full sponsorship if I am so blessed).

The Latin Mass has always attracted me because of its tradition, mystery, and beauty, but my exposure to it is unfortunately very limited. I grew up in the northern suburbs of Chicago and attended Mass at a Novus Ordo parish. It wasn’t until college that I attended my first Latin Mass at Old St. Mary’s in Washington DC. I was pleasantly surprised at what I experienced there. Old St. Mary’s and other Extraordinary Form parishes have a rich sense of community, piety, and Catholicity that satisfies the spiritual longings I’ve always had. That said, as I graduate college and discern God’s plan for the next step of my life, I am prayerfully searching for a Latin Mass parish to anchor myself in so I can grow closer to God in traditional prayer and spirituality.

The Chartres pilgrimage appeals to me for a few reasons. First, I believe it will be an excellent opportunity to retreat from the world after my graduation so that I can discern how God wills for me to serve Him in the future. Second, I believe that being exposed to rich, traditional Catholic piety outside of the Mass itself will transform my interior spiritual life and help me to further embrace and promote traditional Catholic devotion. Finally, I believe that the pilgrimage will offer me the opportunity to make positive spiritual connections and feel like a part of the traditionalist community in a way that I’ve never been able to before.

I would appreciate any help I can get to participate in this pilgrimage. I would be delighted to present the intentions of any potential sponsors to the Blessed Mother when I arrive in Chartres. God bless!

Samuel Ratner ($1000 thus far)

Thanks to your generousity, a number of pilgrims have been fully sponsored:

Daniel McNichol
John Pheasant
Dominic McFadden
John Falciano
Joseph Falciano
Veronica Rose Hoffmann
Joshua L. D. McDonald
Sophia Stuckey
Zoe Frisch
Brad Montgomery
Joseph Cavanaugh
Margaret Bresee

In case you weren’t convinced that Vatican II was plagued from its inception with a demonic spirit, how about the fact that the writer of Nostra Aetate was concealing his gay lifestyle and flatly rejected the Church’s teaching on sexuality and non-Catholic relations?

 (LifeSiteNews) — 93-year-old Gregory Baum, a famed Canadian Catholic ex-priest, has in his latest book revealed that he secretly led an active homosexual life for decades.

Baum, who was a peritus or expert at the Second Vatican Council, reportedly composed the first draft of the conciliar document Nostra aetate, the Declaration on the Relation of the Church with Non-Christian Religions. Baum advocated for the elimination of the Church’s efforts to encourage Jews to recognize Christ as the Messiah and has since pushed social justice and liberation theology.

The influential cleric reveals candidly in The Oil Has Not Run Dry: The Story of My Theological Pathway, “I did not profess my own homosexuality in public because such an act of honesty would have reduced my influence as a critical theologian.” “I was eager to be heard as a theologian trusting in God as salvator mundi and committed to social justice, liberation theology, and global solidarity.”

Baum was also influential in the Catholic Church in Canada despite his openly heretical positions on sexuality, which he published in various journals. His public dissent from the 1968 declaration of the Church maintaining the ban on contraception — Humanae Vitae — was instrumental in the Canadian bishops’ own dissent from the encyclical of Pope Paul VI. As the foremost expert on the Canadian bishops’ dissent, Monsignor Vincent Foy has written, “If it had not been for the black shadow of Baum over Winnipeg, his influence over some Bishops, the Canadian theological establishment and pressure groups, the Winnipeg Statement of the Canadian Bishops on Humanae Vitae would not have refused to endorse the teaching of the encyclical as it did.”

In his new book, Baum writes, “I was 40 years old when I had my first sexual encounter with a man. I met him in a restaurant in London. This was exciting and at the same time disappointing, for I knew what love was and what I really wanted was to share my life with a partner.” Read the rest HERE

REMNANT COMMENT: How this ultra-liberal convert from Judaism managed to land a gig as peritus at Vatican II is, in and of itself, rather curious. But, there you have it. Regardless of the many good Council Fathers who attempted (in vain) to steer the Council in a Catholic direction, the reality is the Second Vatican Council quickly became a hotbed of radicals, liberals, modernists who did all in their power to destroy the Church by subverting the Council.  History will surely show that the Council was a Modernist coup d’état. In fact, as this news bit makes clear, history is already showing us this. The time for asking for clarity has come and gone. With the passage of time, Vatican II is becoming perfectly clear. What’s needed is another council at a future time to recall Vatican II and condemn its many errors and novelties.  


New from The Remnant Underground...

Underground on school shootings

Down in the catacombs, Michael Matt examines the fundamental cause of horrific realities such as school shootings in America. (SPOILER ALERT: It's not the guns). Michael also looks at the Catholic Church's unconditional surrender in the Culture war, and asks the question: What's the connection between moral chaos in society and the "Church of Accompaniment" of Vatican II. Plus, when it comes to Christophobic Hollywood, how did we get from Cardinal Spellman, Archbishop John Gregory Murray and Pope Pius XI-- to Deacon Steve Greydanus?

Press Release from The Family Research Council:

Dear Friends,

What do actor George Clooney, Apple, and the Washington Post all have in common? They support the radical agenda of the $320 million Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).

The media, big corporations, and Hollywood are pouring millions into the coffers of the SPLC for one express purpose: to marginalize and ultimately silence the voice of Christians.

Please click here to CONTRIBUTE TO FRC's $200,000 campaign to expose the SPLC right now.

If they succeed, the consequences will be devastating to your family, your children, the church, local schools, and our country. That's why I am writing with so much urgency today!

FRC's work, in addition to your financial assistance, will help us fight back with our own dedicated campaign calling out the SPLC's radical initiative, that includes...

  • "Teaching tolerance" campaign. SPLC is dead set on putting a militant LGBT curriculum in every single public school classroom in America. Those that oppose their effort are branded a "hate group," including parents who are concerned about their children's education.
  • "Best Practices" handbook. SPLC directs teachers and administrators to create an LGBT-inclusive "school climate" by using gender inclusive language and encouraging students to attend events with same-sex dates.

The SPLC's campaign also targets FRC and many other Christian, Catholic, and Pentecostal organizations as "hate groups" -- lumping us in with the KKK and Neo-Nazis.

Exposing the SPLC's radical agenda is one of the highest priorities we have here at FRC in 2018. Part of the resources we raise are dedicated to continue our tracking and researching the ins and outs of the SPLC's radical agenda, exposing it online at sites like SPLCexposed.com, monitoring their activities, and alerting families, Christians, and other concerned citizens about their destructive activities.

Please let me hear from you today! Your tax-deductible gift will help us fight the SPLC with all of the muscle we can muster. With your support, we can win this battle.

Standing (Eph. 6:13),

Tony Perkins
Presidentfrc action


REMNANT COMMENT: Supporting non-Catholic organizations attempting to expose the fundamentally Christophobic Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has to be one of the more legit ecumenical endeavors I can think of.

The Remnant is listed as a hate group by the SPLC too, of course—something of a badge of honor at this point—but we’re just one of a growing list of Christian groups targeted by the SPLC—one of the largest and richest ACTUAL hate groups in America.  What they want is to shut us all down. 

Over the years, we've considered the legal option, of course; but the SPLC is comprised of cunning Far-Left lawyers—experts in the use and exploitation of laws protecting free speech. The same laws that protect our freedoms of speech and the press also provide inadvertent cover for the SPLC.

Here in America, victims of this kind of slander have very little legal recourse.  They say we’re a “hate group”, but what does that mean? How is “hate” legally defined or definable? It’s just the opinion of the SPLC that we’re “haters”, and everyone is free to make of that what he wants. But it’s not technically against the law.

There is an alternative strategy, however, that is gaining plenty of traction.  I’m referring to the organized effort to defeat the SPLC in the court of public opinion. Christian groups, pro-life organizations, libertarians and a wide variety of different conservative groups have united in an effort to raise awareness about the radical agenda to silence Christian America.

We wish Godspeed and every success to the FRC as they go on offense against the Southern Poverty Law Center.  We’ll do whatever we can to help the cause, which is gaining powerful allies.  Here, for example, is John Stossel—a mainstream libertarian commentator who, though not particularly conservative, nevertheless recognizes a total fraud when he sees one:  

Back in May of 2017, The Remnant Underground asked the question: If Syrian President Assad is 'gassing his own people', why do the two million Christians in Syria support him?

Seems as though the media, and certain military bosses, have, since then, had to backpedal on that. According to an AP story:

Secretary of Defense James Mattis: the U.S. has “no evidence” that the Syrian government used the banned nerve agent Sarin against its own people. This assertion flies in the face of the White House (NSC) Memorandum which was rapidly produced and declassified to justify an American Tomahawk missile strike against the Shayrat airbase in Syria.…There were casualties from organophosphate poisoning in both cases; that much is certain. But America has accused Assad of direct responsibility for Sarin attacks and even blamed Russia for culpability in the Khan Sheikhoun tragedy. Now its own military boss has said on the record that we have no evidence to support this conclusion. In so doing, Mattis tacitly impugned the interventionists who were responsible for pushing the “Assad is guilty” narrative twice without sufficient supporting evidence, at least in the eyes of the Pentagon. READ THE FULL REPORT HERE

REMNANT COMMENT: It would seem that, in the case of the U.S. missile strikes against the Shayrat airbase in Syria, the still-new Trump Administration acted under the advice of neocon war hawks, but has perhaps since wisened up. At least let’s hope. The Syrian crisis has been put on the backburner for now, and one can only hope that the American people will remember this the next time that scary little story for children is trotted out---"he gassed his own people". Yeah, right!  

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