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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Review of “The Vatican Deception”

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Review of “The Vatican Deception”

The Vatican Deception serves as a global call to spiritual action, to follow the Fatima requests of the Mother of God. The film presents a thorough and balanced explication of the decades long Vatican scheme to thwart the request of Our Lady of Fatima.

With the skill of a high stakes thriller, The Vatican Deception couples theological mystery with Vatican espionage in a captivating story.

While watching this film, one recurring thought will prevail: This is truth. At long last, the century-long global chaos and destruction points to a catastrophic and immoral failure to heed the directions of Our Lady of Fatima. The consequences of Popes refusing to follow her pleas have been unfolding throughout the 20th century. Instead of adhering to her dictates, the Vatican sought global political prestige and power. The most compelling 3rd Secret of Fatima still awaits exposure and implementation.

vatican deception

The movie brilliantly and objectively lays out the papal and episcopal manipulation and scheming to suppress the Blessed Mother’s admonitions. This film is a searing and compelling testament to the ravages of the 20th century which cry out to heaven. The Vatican Deception lifts the veil of obscurity from the hidden messages. It uncovers the political and theological schemes of ecclesial power brokers who sought acceptance from powers and principalities, rather than the simple and caring request of Mary of Nazareth. Oh, the ends to which man distorts the truth for his own powerful interests!

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This documentary leaves the audience scandalized, inspired, and overwhelmed with the coordinated deception visited upon mankind by conniving popes. Within the world’s grasp in 1960, the Vatican squandered a precious moment for peace and salvation.

This film delivers an urgent seemingly celestial message to humanity. No one can afford to ignore Our Lady’s call. The salvation of humanity teeters in the balance because her warning has been ignored by the Popes. We are on borrowed time and every soul matters to Our Lord, including the most hardened sinner. The Blessed Mother of Fatima, the highest of celestial messengers, warns us and urges us to repent.

The whole world should watch this film. The link to the website and movie trailer is HERE. Its worldwide online release is scheduled for October 13, 2018.

We are running out of time.


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Last modified on Wednesday, October 3, 2018
Elizabeth Yore

Elizabeth Yore served on the Heartland Institute Delegation that traveled to the Vatican in April 2015 to urge Pope Francis to re-examine his reliance on UN population control proponents who promote climate change.  She is an international child protection attorney who has investigated several cases of clergy sex abuse of children. She served as Special Counsel and Child Advocate to Oprah Winfrey. She is the former General Counsel of the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services and former General Counsel at National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.