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Thursday, March 19, 2020

AN OPEN LETTER: For God’s Sake, Don’t Deny Access to Our Church

By:   John Q. Catholic
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AN OPEN LETTER: For God’s Sake, Don’t Deny Access to Our Church

To Whom it May Concern,

I'm writing in support of continuing the mass and unrestricted access to the sacraments.  I beseech you to allow parishes to remain open and priests to continue to serve their flocks in a manner they see fit. 

While physical safety and well-being should not be ignored, the church has a higher function, namely providing for the spiritual welfare of souls by offering the mass and the sacraments.  She cannot follow the world into an obsessive and excessive attention to physical health, which nourishes self-love and disregard for God and his providence. 

This is an opportunity to act as a sign of contradiction in imitation of Jesus Christ and to oppose the servile fears of a world consumed with its own comfort and gratification.  These times are an invitation to draw closer to God and his true presence in the Most Holy Sacrament of the altar, not abandon the tabernacle and holy places.  

In ancient times of plague, it was the Christians who went out shielded in the faith of Christ to minister to the sick and the dying.  It was the pagans who fled the cities and shunned their fellows.

I encourage you to make your decision not in accord with the standards of the world or the precedent of civil authorities.  Nor should it be left to popular opinion or a survey of what parishioners want.  The decision should be founded in the principles of our most holy religion—a religion that relentlessly asserts the supremacy and love of Christ and his Kingship, a religion that fears nothing with power to destroy the body alone, a religion that seeks not her comfort or deliverance by human hands. 

The decision should be founded on the unfailing belief that we owe right worship to God, that he will not abandon or forsake his children who though frightened and uncertain seek him faithful, for they will surely find him in the temple about his Father's business, which is not the preservation of this life enteral, but the salvation of souls. 

This Lent we have a unique opportunity to show our love for God by continuing to worship him in our parishes though we know there is some physical risk.  Please do not deny those faithful who wish it, the means to make this sacrifice for God.

God Bless you and guide your decisions in the days to come.


John Q. Catholic
Mainstreet, USA

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Last modified on Thursday, March 19, 2020