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Saturday, May 9, 2020

Gov. Andrew Cuomo for President?

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Gov. Andrew Cuomo for President?

After the horrific attack on 9/11 a generation ago, New York City found itself grossly short of medical supplies once COVID-19 made the Big Apple our nation’s disaster epicenter for the second time in less than 20 years.  

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio ignored warnings from health officials, while objecting to President Trump’s travel ban.  As New York was receiving three flights a day from Wuhan, China (where the virus originated), it only underscored just how woefully unprepared Cuomo’s state was figuratively, materially and psychologically.     

Cuomo’s whining about not having enough ventilators was overblown, along with his moral preening to save “just one life.”  Cuomo then ordered nursing homes to accept previously hospitalized COVID–19 patients, exacerbating the outbreak, making his virtuous save “just one life” a national shame.  Moreover, last year Cuomo signed into law a bill legalizing abortion up until birth.  So much for saving “just one life”, when 105,380 in 2017 were murdered through abortion. maresca cuomo 1

Cuomo has governed the Empire State as the epicenter of leftism.  In 2014, Cuomo infamously bellowed that “extreme conservatives” who are “right-to-life” and “pro-assault-weapon” do not belong “in the state of New York, because that’s not who New Yorkers are.”

When Trump delivered the ventilators, Cuomo had so many he supplied other states in need.  When Trump ordered the Navy hospital ship Comfort into New York harbor with its thousand-bed capacity, only six patients were initially hospitalized.  The Comfort never came close to capacity, and has since departed.  Cuomo also wants billions of federal tax dollars to bail out New York’s massive debt – the second largest in the nation.

The predictable scrum of partisan politics never wanes even during a national pandemic. 

Cuomo’s feud with Trump along with his televised daily press conferences have provided a nonstop, partisan infomercial on a national stage.  The result of which saw his approval rating jump 27-points. Cuomo is playing it up, while indirectly campaigning for president knowing that this summer the Democratic National Committee (DNC) could be headed toward a brokered convention.maresca cuomo 2

The Democrats need a deliverer who is not a Brooklyn septuagenarian socialist, Bernie Sanders, or a timeworn, lifelong, Washington insider, Joe Biden—who so far is the Democratic nominee heir apparent.  Biden, however, is gaffe-prone and recently added sexual assault charges to his resume, creating the perfect political storm for his exit. 

It is Cuomo, son of New York Democratic Party royalty, the late Mario Cuomo, that can fit the bill because when the mainstream media has your front, flank, and rear lines covered – you are politically canonized—an essential element necessary to defeat Trump in November.

The COVID-19 political football has it first and ten for St. Andrew of Albany, who has been spotted two touchdowns in a goalpost shifting political zeitgeist.  The press would never suggest Cuomo owns responsibility for the nation’s worst outbreak of COVID-19.

When the virus numbers started to decline, Cuomo’s chutzpa and arrogance were on full display, “The number is down because we brought the number down.  God did not do that.  Faith did not do that.  Destiny did not do that.  A lot of pain and suffering did that.” 

Cuomo fails to understand that God employs people to be his hands and feet.marecsa cuomo quote

The media’s halo for Cuomo burns bright, owing to his zealous endorsement of leftism’s dual sacraments: abortion and gay marriage.  It was his father Mario who pioneered the “Democrat Cuomo Creed” on abortion in a 1984 speech at Notre Dame, no less: “I am personally opposed, but ... ” that has provided cover for Catholic Democratic politicians who reject the Church’s teaching.  A generation of Catholic politicos have personalized it ever since, including his son.

This is another flaw of leftism. Leftists have no issue with embracing church teachings when it supports their ideology, but reject them when such teachings don’t conform to their politics. 

Naturally, Cuomo claims he is not running for the nomination because it is a political faux pas to campaign during a national crisis.  However, come August, the DNC may convince him to save their party from Biden and Sanders, while rescuing the nation from Trump. 

If not for 2020, then as the leading candidate in 2024. 

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Last modified on Saturday, May 9, 2020
Greg Maresca | Remnant Columnist

Maresca writes from Northumberland County, Pennsylvania.