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Wednesday, April 19, 2023

VERY URGENT: the FDA is raising the white flag on the mRNA Covid shots.

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VERY URGENT: the FDA is raising the white flag on the mRNA Covid shots.

Alex Berenson | Unvaccinated adults will no longer be offered more than a single mRNA dose. (Tell that to the 230 million Americans who already took two.) And almost no one under 65 is eligible for a second booster.

The Food and Drug Administration just all-but-gave up on mRNA Covid jabs.

This afternoon, under the guise of “simplify(ing)” the Covid vaccination schedule, the FDA ended the two-dose mRNA vaccination regimen for unvaccinated people.

Americans who have not yet been vaccinated can now receive only a single dose of the newer “bivalent” vaccines, which supposedly work better against the Omicron strain -though real-world evidence of their improved effectiveness is nearly nonexistent


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It is hard to overstate the importance of this change, which effectively undoes more than two years of public health guidance on the importance of the two-dose mRNA regimen.

The change is even bigger than it appears. Each dose of the Moderna bivalent vaccine contains only half as much as mRNA as the original Moderna shot. So people who receive the Moderna vaccine will get only one-quarter as much mRNA as the original dosing schedule, 50 micrograms instead of 200.

(Pfizer’s booster contains 30 micrograms of mRNA, the same as the original dose, so the Pfizer regimen has been cut only in half.)

The change comes as demand for the mRNAs has collapsed, not just in the United States but worldwide. Only about 1 in 9,000 Americans is now receiving a Covid shot each day - and only about 1 in 40,000 Germans.



The FDA is also discouraging repeated booster doses. “Most Americans who have already received a bivalent booster will not be eligible for another dose for now,” the agency said.

The lower doses are appropriate because most people have antibodies to the coronavirus, either from infection or vaccination, the FDA said.

This rationale contradicts almost two years of loudly repeated recommendations from health bureaucrats about benefits of “hybrid” immunity and the need for everyone to be vaccinated with a full-dose regimen.

But any excuse is better than none.

This article first appeared on Substack

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