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Monday, June 4, 2018

Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Cake Maker Who Refused to Cater Same-Sex Wedding

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Cake maker Jack Phillips speaks outside the Supreme Court Cake maker Jack Phillips speaks outside the Supreme Court

After six years of legal battles, the Supreme Court handed victory to the baker who made news for refusing to craft the centerpiece of a same-sex couple's wedding. Dudes must have been real bridezillas. Although it's too late to apologize, especially for the multiple death threats and substantial loss of income, at least, in the end, justice came for Jack Phillips, owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop in Lakewood. The landmark 7-2 decision in his favor all but guarantees that business owners will have a larger legal shield moving forward. 



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NCRegister sums up the original story and Jack's long legal struggle: 

The Masterpiece Cakeshop case dates back to July 2012, when owner Jack Phillips was asked by two men to bake a cake for their same-sex wedding ceremony.

He explained to the couple that he could not cater to same-sex weddings, as to do so would have been a violation of his Christian beliefs. He said he has also declined to make a number of other types of cakes, including cakes for Halloween, bachelor parties, divorce, cakes with alcohol in the ingredients and cakes with atheistic messages. 

The couple then filed a complaint with the Colorado Civil Rights Commission for discrimination.

The commission ordered Phillips to serve same-sex weddings and to undergo anti-discrimination training. In a hearing in 2014, the civil-rights commissioner, Diann Rice, compared his declining to serve same-sex weddings to justifications for the Holocaust and slavery.

Alliance Defending Freedom took up Phillips’ case in court. He lost before an administrative judge in 2013, who ruled that the state could determine when his rights to free speech unlawfully infringed upon others’ rights.

Phillips then appealed his case to the state’s human-rights commission, which ruled against him. He appealed again to the state’s court of appeals, which also ruled against him. The Colorado Supreme Court did not take up Phillips’ case.

The case was appealed to the Supreme Court. It was relisted repeatedly throughout the winter and spring of 2017, before the court decided to take the case.

“I didn’t open this so I could make a lot of money,” Phillips said of his business, speaking at a panel event last September. “I opened it up so that it would be a way that I could create my art, do the baking that I love, and serve the God that I love.” 

Right, so who's discrimating against whom, again? 

REMNANT COMMENT:  One wonders when the growing fatigue factor over this kind of harassment is going to bring some much needed change and justice. Christians are being bullied, intimidated, harassed, hated and persecuted--and yet the mind-numbed robots at CNN and elsewhere are still trying to cast the victims in these cases as the aggressors.

Sound familiar? It should!

The Nazis used these same terror tactics against the Jews, with their brown-shirted thugs attacking Jewish-owned shops and instigating violence against Jews all across Germany.  

Dachau was set up to incarcerate thousands of Catholic priests who would sooner go to jail than violate their consciences at the command of Adolf Hitler and his jackbooted Nazi thugs. Thousands of those priests didn’t make it out alive.

So what's next for us? Another Dachau for Christian cake-makers? Christian preachers? Catholic priests?

Should the government call for a boycott of all Christian-owned businesses, just as Hitler did where Jewish businesses were concerned? 

Should we paint crosses and Christophobic slogans on windows of shops owned by Christians? 

Time for another Kristallnacht? Only this time for Christian bakeries and photography studios?

Should we introduce quotas for Christian children in public schools, just as the Nazis did where Jewish children were concerned?

It is time to start arresting Christians for refusing to violate their consciences…maybe exterminate a few million of them while we’re at it? 

Just how far down this rabbit hole is America prepared to go, a mere half-century after the Nazi Holocaust of Jews and Christians in Europe? 

It’s time to fight back, while we’re still on the right side of the barbed wire.

Thanks for leading the charge, Jack!justic for jack

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