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Monday, May 1, 2017

April 30, 2017

By:   Remnant Staff
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April 30th Print/E-edition of The Remnant 
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Fatima and the Russian Connection

by William Price
The predicted world chastisement is coming and we know the pope will eventually make the consecration because our Lord stated that he will, but “it will be too late”. And what about Russia? What's happening there, and is it connected to the attempted consecrations of the past?

Michael J. Matt
Persecution and Crusade   

We’re not interested in establishing our legitimacy in the eyes of the world. We have no need to win the approval of a modern Church which has abandoned the Traditions of Christ’s Holy Church. Our young people must be made to understand that the world is at war with Christ, whether our Church wants to admit it or not.  And here's the best way to accomplish the task...


Christopher A. Ferrara
Does Francis “endeavor to destroy the Church”?
Pope Bergoglio is literally a font of error whose immense output of heterodoxy and plain nonsense would fill a book. So now that we know what and who he is, what's next?
Dr. Boyd D. Cathey 
Fr. Jose Planelles and the Spanish Civil War  

Yes another martyred priest the world has forgotten...until now. And when it comes to the Spanish Civil war, are you quite sure you know who the bad guys and good guys really were? 


Walter L. Matt
Lost in The ‘50s, Too

America Magazine, Pope Pius XII and the New World Order--Yep, they've been at it for a long, long time...long before Vatican II, in fact.

The Spiritual Communion  
What is it? Who’s it for? How’s it done?


Nigel Thorne  
The Stuff of Nightmares
sspx cartoon

So if a Novus Ordo priest is to witness the vows of the SSPX couple wishing to get married, what will that look like?  Here's one man's guesstimate.

Father Ladis J. Cizik
Traditional Latin Mass 101 
The Our Father  And the Catechism of Pope Saint Pius X

Renee Henning
The Christian Circle of Life

Back in 1951 I was admitted as a three-year-old to an American hospital for the long stay typical of that era. My recollections of that period are vivid. Many people underestimate the ability of a preschool child to form lasting memories. But I remember this one act of kindness, all these many years later.

Bishop Fulton J. Sheen

A Mother Like No Other

As our love does not start with Mary, so neither does it stop with Mary. Mary is a window through which our humanity first catches a glimpse of Divinity on earth. He's our last best hope.

Timothy J. Cullen
God and Our Right

People of the Jewish faith have their own confessional state as do Sunni and Shiite Muslims, and will fight to protect them, but Christians no longer do whereas once the West was ours, and that's why we're losing.

Father Celatus

The Last Word
The Stations of the Spirit of Vatican II
The problem is bigger than Francis...a lot bigger!

The Remnant Speaks 
Letters to the Editor

The Remnant Endorses Evolution?
Block The Remnant Website in the UK?
Who Are Romans to Judge?

The Problem with Communion in the Hand

More on the Passing of John Vennari

Remnant TV and John Vennari’ Death


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