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Thursday, June 29, 2017

June 30, 2017

By:   Remnant Staff
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Publication Notice June 30, 2017 Print/E-edition of The Remnant 

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Michael J. Matt

Archbishop Lefebvre Speaks...from the grave

lefebvre3 and gretchen fix

Archbishop Lefebvre and Remnant founder, Walter L. Matt with some family members, 1976.  To all those who would attempt to put words in Archbishop Lefebvre’s mouth—about how his fight was merely for the preservation of his own Society, or to give the ‘experiment of Tradition’ a chance to co-exist with the Novus Ordo—to all those who would dare revise the history of this man’s heroic stand for Christ, please READ THIS BLOCKBUSTER!


Dr. Boyd Cathey
The Triumph of Lunacy and the Creation of a Counter-Reality

anticatholic march sisters of perpetual indulgence 810 500 55 s c1

Situation Normal...
Anti-Catholic group of 'queer’ men march against Trump… dressed as nuns?


Monsignor Nicola Bux  
Former Consulter to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith: “We are in a fall crisis of Faith.” 

Theologian calls for Pope Francis to make a declaration of faith, warning that unless the Pope safeguards doctrine, he cannot impose discipline


The Chartres Pilgrims
In their own words…  
a ggog


J. R. Neubeiser

The War Rosary


From Vietnam to Iraq, this family rosary has a story to tell.   


Catholic Heroes
Lt. Thomas Michael Conway

a chaplain

Navy Chaplain onboard the doomed USS Indianapolis offers TLM the day he died.

He was a real man, a real priest and a real Traditionalist…and he died swimming back and forth in shark-infested waters administering Last Rites to dying sailors. If this one doesn’t leave you in tears nothing will.


Tim Cullen  
The Keyboard and the AK    

a pen

We must fight with every fiber of our being to restore Catholic Social Teaching to its rightful place in economics, education, politics, culture and even “entertainment” in our civil societies while struggling to bring our Church back into the fold of authentic Catholicism; to do less is tantamount to surrender to

Dr. John Senior
The Remnant Celebrates 50 Years  with "The Angel of the Storm"—PART II

This is the full text of a talk given by Dr. John Senior on March 20, 1983, at the 15th Remnant Anniversary in St. Paul, Minnesota.  


Prof. Jesse Russell
A Remnant Book Review…
“The Benedict Option”, by Rod Dreher

Pros and Cons of the Benedict Option Book 900


Helen M. Weir  
A Note of Caution: 
Is the Holy Father Actually Handling the Situation in Africa Admirably?


Ligia Castaldi
Abortion’s Legality Remains in Play

The Supreme Court has revisited the issue numerous times since 1973, and now after this…

 Gorsuch sworn in

who knows what might happen next.


Prof. Clemens Cavallin
On the Way from Paris to Chartres:
Reflections by a Swedish Professor


Father Celatus’ The Last Word
When Jesuits and Popes Dance with the Devil

Pope and ISIS


The Remnant Speaks 
Letters to the Editor  

Several U.S. Pilgrims to Chartres, France reflect on the 2017 Pilgrimage. 
A Word from the Remnant Prisoners

Matt & Ferrara in Fatima, RTV
Gretchen and John, RIP

Remnant TV Goes After Public Schools
Blessed Anne Catherine on Theistic Evolution
Francis vs. Catholics


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