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Thursday, September 27, 2018

September 30, 2018

By:   Remnant Newspaper
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PUBLICATION NOTICE: September 30, 2018 Print/E-edition of The Remnant

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Here's a Preview of our September 30, 2018 Issue:

From The Remnant Archive…

VINDICATED: Pioneer Traditional Catholics Were Right!

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Intro by Michael J. Matt

It’s been wonderful to read the letters exchanged between my father, Michael Davies, Hamish Fraser, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre back in the 1970s, when the Church was imploding. Everything they feared would happen as a result of the Modernist takeover has indeed come to pass. They knew that violations of holy Tradition could only end in disaster.  …To Read the editorial, SUBSCRIBE

Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre's Address from 1972:

lefebvre and Eucharist“Where anything touching the Church is concerned, it is the priest who suffers the consequences. It is for this reason that today the priest is in the most dramatic, the most tragic situation imaginable.”

               “How can children truly preserve their faith in the Real Presence? How can they respect a priest who has ceased to respect himself?”

                              “We must not let ourselves be dragged into the current of Modernism, which might endanger our own faith and turn us, unwittingly, into Protestants.”

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Dr. Boyd D. Cathey
Brett Kavanaugh, Feminism, and Modern Witchcraft

Kavanaugh witchhuntThe witch hunt has begun

Another mass hysteria, mainly coming from the politically-driven Democrats and frenzied #MeToo movement feminists but also including some Republicans, has been evidently in full force in the imbroglio over the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.
 –Read this online HERE


Hilary White
The Oath Against Modernism: A Template for Action

But however it came about, and however late it might be, the sea-change against this pontificate has driven many to reexamine the Traditionalist argument – that Bergoglio is a product of the crisis, not its cause. It is starting, at last, to be widely acknowledged that this pontificate is nothing more than the inevitable result of the trajectory the Church has been on since 1965. --To read the rest, SUBSCRIBE


Tess Mullins …This Week…
Humble Pope Unveils Picture of Dorian Gray

francis portrait yuck

Francis the Humble didn't commission a portrait at all. What he has is a propaganda mural taken seriously by only the blindest sycophants. –Read this Online HERE


Christopher Ferrara
On Papal Deposition: Some Further Thoughts

In no event, however, can the hierarchy simply do nothing to resist this Pope in his relentless effort to impose his erring opinions on the Church. – Read this online HERE


Jason Morgan
Francis Pulls Another Bergoglio: Sells Out Chinese Catholics

Here’s what the Vatican is not mentioning. China—which is still the world capital of forced late-term abortions and of abortion overall, perhaps due to which Vatican bishop Marcel Sánchez Sorondo recently called China “the best implementer of Catholic social doctrine”—is officially atheistic and permits no religion to operate outside of the complete control of the CCP. The Chinese government, not the Vatican and not the Holy Spirit, appointed or caused to be appointed, under pain of imprisonment and/or death, the fake “bishops” largely rejected by the real Chinese faithful and even by Cardinal Zen, the Hero of Hong Kong. Read this article online HERE 


Clare Wilson
Hard Realities:
Where Feminism Fails


In its current incarnation, feminism preaches that women are not to be judged for any choice they may make…To Read this Article, SUBSCRIBE


Andrew Senior …Remnant’s Poetry Corner…
The Love of a Mother

mother 2

Nobody will ever love you like your mother does. Even among the animals there is nothing like a mother. One of the beautiful mysteries revealed by modern science is that through the mitochondria, a mother retains a part of her child forever; a part of the child remains with the mother…To Read the Full Feature, SUBSCRIBE

       The Remnant League of the Sacred Heart

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We're very excited to invite friends and allies of The Remnant to become a member of The Remnant League of the Sacred Heart.

It’s so easy to join, and doesn’t cost you a penny. Simply order your Sacred Heart lapel pin -- specially designed for The Remnant by a longtime friend of The Remnant... and patterned after those worn by the Vendeans in France (pioneer traditional Catholics)!  Read more and Join HERE


Father Celatus ...The Last Word…
VIGANÒ in HIDING: The Penalty for Crossing a Merciful Pope

mob boss

Secrecy is how sexual predators and their protectors have kept their homosexual cabals intact. Secrecy since the Sixties has allowed secret keepers to abduct the Bride of Christ and ravage her in every conceivable way: liturgically, theologically, pastorally and morally. We can only hope that the public moral outrage made possible by the testimony of Archbishop Viganò will force disclosure of more dirty secrets and the demise of the dirty secret keepers. To Read the Full FeatureSUBSCRIBE


The Remnant Speaks…

Remnant Family is My Family

What Do We Do?
Can Corrupt Cardinals Elect a Pope?

And More!

Catholic Identity Conference News:  We've added two exciting new speakers to the roster: Diane Montagna, Rome correspondent for LifeSiteNews; and Mike Church, host of the Mike Church Show.

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