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Greg Maresca | Remnant Columnist

It was a symphony of crickets throughout the media after the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled on Missouri v. Biden regarding collusion against free speech. The landmark decision was treated like a Biden address when the teleprompter malfunctions – little was reported and analyzed. 

When the news percolated the Wi-Fi, it was nothing short of a category five media hurricane. It was over two years ago that the Canadian government declared that thousands of indigenous children were buried in unmarked “mass graves” at residential schools established by the government and run by the Catholic Church.

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, how much does that infamous mugshot of Donald Trump rate? Taking advantage of what Trump believed an opportunity, he posted the photo to the social media platform X after its release.

In February, an FBI whistleblower from their Richmond, Virginia field office leaked a report about spying on “radical-traditionalist Catholics” labeling them as “potential domestic terrorists.”

Each year nearly 1,000 words are added to the English lexicon, according to Atkins Bookshelf and others. Some are portmanteaus, which blend the sounds and meanings of two separate words. 

Maybe you noticed that for the first time in 63 years both the writers and actors’ unions are striking together.  With TMC, Netflix and the summer weather – perhaps not.

Ever since Pennsylvania Gov. Josh Shapiro put the kibosh on his campaign promise that would have assisted students shackled in poorly performing public schools with $100 million in Lifeline scholarships, plenty of ink has been spilled arguing his budget flip-flop. 

Leading up to Independence Day, the fireworks were much louder than usual. Perhaps you heard? The source of the elevated spectacle were the heads of Marxist Democrats bursting in air, giving proof their hypocrisy is still there.

Every now and then whether by design or not, the nonstop 24-hour news cycle covers a story like no other – a literal dam break of reporting.

The signs were large, glowing, and clear: Avoid Philadelphia. 

They appeared after a bridge collapsed along the Interstate 95 corridor that runs through the City of Brotherly Love. In essence, the message has a much more sublime meaning that could be a metaphor for urban life in America. With diminishing populations, increasing crime, and crumbling infrastructure taking place daily, what more do you need?