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Sunday, November 27, 2022

Watch The Heartwarming Film Grisly Grisell Free

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Watch The Heartwarming Film Grisly Grisell Free

For immediate release

Watch The Heartwarming Film Grisly Grisell Free

               Industrious Family Films’ newest full length movie is now available for free viewing. Stream online now at

Grangeville, Idaho - November 4th, 2022

               Industrious Family Films, an independent Catholic film company, announces the release of their film Grisly Grisell, which stars homeschooled actors and is a rendition of Charlotte M. Yonge’s classic novel A Tale of the Wars of the Roses. “We want to reclaim the art of filmmaking one wholesome movie at a time,” states Mary Bowen, Industrious Family Films’ co-founder and director. “Getting our movies in front of Catholic homeschool families helps us reach our goal,”

chimes in her sister and partner Faustina. “We were very inspired when we saw what Mr. Morlino was able to do with his homeschool group in The War of the Vendee. That made us want to make films with a homeschool cast, and that is exactly what we’re doing.” This young adult sister team is answering the call to tell good stories through film. Both are alumni of Our Lady of Victory Homeschool.

               During the Wars of the Roses, the Red Rose's Copeland family enters a marriage contract between their brash son, Leonard, and the White Rose's Dacre girl, Grisell, beginning a microcosm of the English Civil War.

After a horrific accident in which Grisell is wounded at the hand of Leonard, she is left so disfigured that she is no longer marriageable thereby ending the betrothal. Teaching us that beauty indeed is more than skin deep, Grisell's virtues shine through and transform her disfigured countenance which in the end wins the heart of the most unexpected hero who undergoes a transformation of his own.

               Grisly Grisell brings to you:

The largely buried talents of the homeschool community A specimen of film from the parallel entertainment industry The moral that true beauty comes from within

               “We’re so excited and proud to release our third movie, Grisly Grisell, and are committed to telling good stories through film. Bringing forward fantastic works of literature in this engaging way is something we can’t wait to share with our audience,” states Mary.

               “Grisly Grisell has a message young ladies will love because it teaches that in the end we are judged by how we treat others and the virtues that we possess. You can be physically attractive, but if you do not lead a virtuous life, people will forget you as soon as your beauty fades. Although Grisell loses her beauty, she is cherished by those around her on the merit of her beautiful soul,” adds Faustina. “Moving forward we will continue to bring you uplifting films that highlight the Catholic Faith without being preachy. Our next project will be more exciting news for a feminine audience but will also capture the interest of the menfolk with its exciting storyline.”

               Grisly Grisell is now available to watch for free. For more information on Grisly Grisell the movie visit:

ABOUT is an online Catholic movie website focusing on wholesome family entertainment. Headquartered in Idaho, the film company is committed to producing morally good entertainment.

For more information, please visit our website at: Kathleen Bowen


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