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As President-elect Donald Trump's campaign manager, Mrs. Kellyanne Conway helped pull off one of the most stunning political victories in U.S. history. So, why do the feminists hate her? Why isn't she being praised as a feminist icon by CNN or the gals from The View? Could it be because Kellyanne Conway is outspokenly pro-life? 

And h
ere's another hopeful sign:  President Donald Trump's top advisor will be an Irish-American, happily married Catholic mother of four who makes breakfast every morning for her kids and then goes to Mass. She's a daily communicant!

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This Week’s Featured Article…

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Michael J. Matt's Interview of Raymond Cardinal Burke

In this wide-ranging interview, learn what Cardinal Burke thinks of the liturgical reforms of Vatican II, the 'Church of Accompaniment,' the ‘Spirit of Vatican II.' Will he lose his red hat? What is his advice for faithful Catholics scandalized by it all? What’s a “formal correction” of a pope look like? This and so much more about the history-making dubia of the Four Cardinals. 



Michael J. Matt: Christmas Memories: Growing up Catholic, Growing Older

Plus, a Remnant Update: No publishing changes, no subscription price increase as the Remnant’s print-edition surges ahead with new writers and an influx of new subscribers. (Thank you, Your Holiness!)

Avellina Balestri: And Thy Word Broke Their Swords: The Empowering Depth of Christmas

 “One of the most moving and powerful Christmas reflections I’ve ever read.” – Michael J. Matt

Patrick Archbold:
A Spark from Poland

We have both the Church and Government of Poland, against all odds and opinion, courageously responding to a direct request of heaven and enthroning Our Lord as King. What’s the connection between this and a prophesy of Sr. Faustina’s from 1938?

This is the largest statue of Christ in the world --the recently-completed Christ the King of Poland.



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Susan Claire Potts: All Things Visible and Invisible: A Christmas Gift of Faith

Another soon-to-be-classic Christmas story from the author of “The Glory of the Olive.” 

Timothy J. Cullen: The Ghost of Christmas Future

The Ghost of Christmas Future appears to you and me as a spectral but not grim figure, nothing like the ghost that appeared to Scrooge, because this ghost is none other than the Holy Ghost, Who is the Third Person of God.

Emmet Scott:   On the Political Front… Russia and the Moral Depravity of the Obama Administration

What’s really going on in Syria?

From The Archives: 
Christmas at the Front: December 23, 1943

In our continued quest for gold buried away in the archives of The Remnant and The Wanderer, this one appeared in The Wanderer when Remnant founder, Walter L. Matt, was oversees fighting in the European theater of World War II. Very moving! For example: A stalwart, somewhere in the far Pacific, wrote his sweetheart a request: “I’ll receive Communion at midnight Mass for you. Please do the same for me. It will make me feel so close to home.”

Walter L. Matt: Lost in the Fifties, Too

Christians Displaced in Israel and Yugoslavia and remembering Cardinal Stepinac. Written by the founder of The Remnant on December 27, 1951

Anna Priore:  
Catholic Culture Watch

If You Don’t Like Nativity Scenes, Don’t Have One!

Hilary White: A Hopeful Sign…Sawing Off the Branch


A brief but brilliant essay on the good that Pope Francis is doing by finally cutting off the branch on the whole revolution of Vatican II. Keep smiling this Christmas, and keep the Faith—it’ll soon be over.


Father Celatus: The Last Word… Unleashing Evil: Mission Accomplished, Modernists!

Whatever happened to those imprecatory psalms? The elimination of imprecatory prayers has had the two-fold harmful effect of reducing the Catholic arsenal against forces of evil and dumbed down a sense among Catholics of the presence and ferocity of evil in the world. Mission accomplished, Modernists!

The Remnant Speaks Letters to the Editor—

The Church of Accompaniment
Slouching Towards Tradition
Erin Go Bad
Thanks to The Daily Beast, I Subscribed to The Remnant
Greeting from Ireland
The Orthodox Teaching, from an Orthodox Priest
If Luther was Right, then Catholics are Wrong: A Letter from Sweden
Pope Turns 80
Seeking Pilgrimage Partners
Remnant Tours’ Youth Fund

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Today at Remnant TV

Our Sunday Sermon for the Fourth Sunday in Advent tackles the question of St. John the Baptist harboring doubts that Christ was God. Did you know that? Either did Father, and yet Pope Francis seems to think he did. What do you think?

New from Remnant TV...

First, Cardinal Raymond Burke complies with the wishes of Cardinal Sarah where the liturgy is concerned with a stunning announcement.

Then, citing the thought of Dietrich von Hildebrand, Dr. William Marra and Dr. John Rao, Michael Matt answers the question: Did the Holy Ghost necessarily positively will the election of Jorge Mario Bergoglio?

And, finally: the "Great Rant of 2015". See John Rao obliterate the neo-Catholic phenomenon.

Citing post-election SPLC hate crime "findings" from the floor of the Senate, Harry Reid signaled how the loser Left plans to handle the Trump presidency: Make him a lame duck by branding him King of the Haters.

What's really behind the hate industry efforts to silence mainstream America? A declaration of war on God, Family and the Unborn. Michael Matt comments on Christophobic media bias and how it will affect the next four years.

New from Remnant TV (RTV)...

As the Four Cardinals make their historic stand against revolution in the Vatican, several bishops and one more cardinal move in to support them. Michael Matt tackles the question of what to do when a pope goes wrong. Do faithful lay Catholics have a role in stopping Pope Francis and the Modernists who put him in charge, or should the threat of causing scandal cause all of us to keep silent?

What does the Church teach? What would God have us do? Where do we go from here?

New From Remnant TV (RTV)...

As the Year of Mercy closes, Pope Francis extends permission to priests of the Society of St. Pius X to hear Confessions. But, the rumors mills were wrong. The Pope did not regularize the SSPX. Why not? Is this a good thing? Where do you come down on the "schism" of the SSPX. Michael Matt goes into why some Catholics are breathing a sigh of relief this Thanksgiving. Plus, a cameo appearance from Archbishop Lefebvre himself.

This just in from our brothers at

"We have the honor of announcing Msgr. Athanasius Schneider’s presence in Seville on December 11, invited by Adelante la Fe.  Because of this, we have organized a conference given by Monsignor entitled “Mary, Exterminatrix of All Heresies”.  In addition to the conference, there will be other activities as well.  There will be a Traditional Missa Prelatitia celebrated by Msgr. Schneider and organized by Una Voce Seville. Afterward, and organized by Adelante la Fe, there will be a lunch with Msgr. Schneider followed by the conference, and ending with some time for questions by those in attendance.

"This is a unique opportunity to meet and spend some time with this brave defender of the Faith and of Liturgical Tradition.  There will also be an opportunity to meet various Adelante la Fe authors who will also be present."  ALL THE DETAILS HERE

REMNANT COMMENT: Godspeed, brothers. We pray this conference is a massive success.


From the Underground, Michael Matt talks about the election, whining liberals, and the largest hate group in America -- the liberal left. Plus, Trump faces his first test: Will the President-Elect fold to hate industry pressure to fire senior adviser "hater" Steve Bannon, or will he hold his ground and stick a finger in eye of the most dangerous Christophobes in America. This is HUGE.
This RTV Short is a slightly edited version of a video that appeared over the weekend. We're imbedding this video in an explosive new article by Elizabeth Yore, "Behind the Bronze Doors: Soros Radicals collude with Vatican" posted today at