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Saturday, January 8, 2022

Catholic Priest Stands With Bishop Schneider on Vaccines

Written by  Vincent Capuano, S.J.
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Catholic Priest Stands With Bishop Schneider on Vaccines

Editor's Note: Within the first twenty-four hours of posting my interview of Bishop Athanasius Schneider on the question of COVID vaccines, over one thousand RTV viewers weighed in on this crucial international debate.  

No, not every comment was from an “anti-vaxxer”—a crass and insulting epithet, by the way, for those not indoctrinated by CNN. The comments were left by the “vaccine hesitant” – folks who’ve not yet joined Covid Nazi Party and who are concerned that the vaccines are immoral at worst and useless at best.

This week in Germany, for example, a new law was enacted which stipulates that double-vaccinated Germans must test negative before entering a bar or restaurant, begging the question: How much stupid can people endure?

But what about the morality of the COVID ‘vaccines’?  Many Catholics have been forced to operate in the dark on this since it’s verboten to question the “jab” at all on social media, and since the pope, bishops and most priests are too busy freaking out over social justice and climate change to offer sound moral guidance on anything, much less that which could land them in hot water with “the Fuhrer” if they come down on the wrong side.

In the wake of Bishop Schneider’s epic (in its fidelity to the sensus Catholicus) interview, there has been a useful follow-up discussion going on at RTV’s YouTube channel, Rumble, and I’m gratified by this since our objective all along has been to get the first principles of the question laid out so that organized resistance can be initiated against this satanic obscenity. Well, the discussion is opening a lot of hearts and minds, and I’m grateful to Father Vincent Capuano, S.J., for allowing us to highlight his comment here at, as well.

God bless Bishop Schneider, Father Capuano, and all those courageous souls who have kept their eyes (and their minds) open during this largest global psy-op in the history of the world. MJM

Fr. Capuano's correspondence:

The argument of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) for the emergency use of the CV19 VAX has the following premises:

1. There is a real health emergency

2. There is no other real alternative to the abortion tainted vaccine

3. It is remote material cooperation in a past sin.

Using the principle of double effect, the CDF concludes that it may be justified using the COVID vaccines.

It is not clear that 1) there is a real health emergency, or 2) that there is no other treatment available.  Those are points that other writers have dealt with.

What Bishop Schneider’s argument focuses on is the real time participation in the sin of an industry based on the extraction of fetal tissues and not just the indirect material participation in a past sin of another.

It is analogous to going to a junk yard where they sell stolen parts taken from chop shops.  You cannot in good conscience say you are against auto theft and buy stolen parts.  Every purchase tells the producer that you want more of what they sell.  Buying such parts is direct material participation in the continuance of the auto theft industry. 

Neither can a man in good conscience say that he is against sex slavery and continue his consumption of pornography, an industry based on sex exploitation.

Buying the vaccine tells the producers to make more products derived from the tissues of fetuses. A man wringing his hands and lamenting the moral complications while plopping the money down to buy the jab because he is afraid rings hollow. Every purchase is an economic vote. Every purchase of COVID vaccine is a vote in favor of an actual real-time sinful industry. I contend that it is not remote participation but proximate participation because it motivates the sinful act. Big Pharma is motivated to make money.  If the vax did not make them money, they would not produce it.

VACCINES: Bishop Athanasius Schneider Presents the Catholic Position


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Last modified on Saturday, January 8, 2022