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Adelante la Fe ha tenido la oportunidad de entrevistar a Su Excelencia Mons. Athanasius Schneider, uno de los Obispos más entregados en la defensa de la verdad Católica y de la Misa Tradicional. Desde aquí agradecemos a Monseñor su deferencia con esta web.

Adelante la Fe:  Excmo. Señor, usted participó, como sacerdote secretario de la Comisión litúrgica de la Conferencia episcopal de Kazajistán, en el Sínodo de la Eucaristía en 2005. Su intervención se centró en los recuerdos de su infancia referente a la actitud ante la Sagrada Comunión, poniendo el ejemplo de dos sacerdotes, el beato y mártir Alexis Saritski y el padre Janis Pawlowski. ¿Qué recuerdo tiene de la iglesia de su infancia y de estos sacerdotes?

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Michael J. Matt From the Editor’s Desk:
On Father Michael Rodriguez and the massive double standard. Plus, news on the Chartres Pilgrimage 2015

Christopher A. Ferrara Who Am I to Judge? Francis, That’s Who!
Now, more than ever, we must keep in mind the intentions of the Holy Father in the daily Rosary. Indeed, every Rosary we say should be offered as a petition for an end to the Pope’s strange behavior and for his illumination concerning the damage his words and program are causing the Church.

Nicholas Rao Cards Muller and Kasper Go to Washington. A report from Catholic University of America.

Brian McCall The God of Reason and Justice, or the God of Surprises? "The Troubling Orientation of the Pope of Surprises."   That God would not be a God of surprises but a God of consistency is consonant with reason. God is perfectly rational. Rationality is antithetical to surprises.

Father Ladis Cizik Saint Josaphat, Bishop and Martyr: A Catholic priest who refused to “get with it”

Hilary White
Back to the Source:
A Visit to the Birthplace of Western Monasticism

Kenneth M. Weinig On the Political Front…Abortion Is Not an “Issue”

Vincent Chiarello Cardinal Ambition: From Wolsey to Wuerl

What the Church Teaches On the Valid Reception of the Holy Eucharist—From Trent to the Catechism of the Catholic Church

John Salza Bellarmine Against Suarez? Another Critical Error in the Sedevacantist Thesis: If the pastor is a bishop, they [the faithful] cannot depose him and put another in his place. For Our Lord and the Apostles only lay down that false prophets are not to be listened to by the people, and not that they depose them.

Theresa Marie Moreau Real Life Stories… 29 Years in Logai: The Father Koo Story Continues

Timothy Cullen The Heights… Worried about Pope Francis and the Vatican's current silly season antics? Seek the heights, still the soul and listen for the silent yet thunderous voice of God.

Father Celatus The Last Word:Evolving Popes, Evolving Dogmas. We should not be surprised that Bishop of Rome Francis embraces biological evolution as fact. For at the heart of modernism is the premise that truth itself morphs and evolves and that over time humanity becomes more enlightened.

The Remnant Speaks On Solange Hertz: An Update; Remembering the old days and the old ways; False Mercy Creates More Victims; Thanks to Remnant TV; Don’t Contribute to the CCHD; Seeking Pilgrimage to Chartres Partners

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Only about 10% of our articles ever appear online. Please Subscribe to The Remnant 

Publication Notice This issue is dated May 20, 2014 and is currently in the mail.  But you can read the new issue online right away by subscribing to THE REMNANT E-EDITION.

Michael J. Matt Preparing to Welcome Back Some Neo-Catholic Brothers   Many of the well-meaning occupants of the vast middle ground are growing weary of defending the indefensible and playing the part of enabler to the ruthless neo-Modernists who have commandeered the bridge. This growing Neo-Catholic fatigue factor should surprise no one, and here’s why….

John Salza Debating the Relevant Issues: Questioning the Validity of the Canonizations. Are they infallible? Are they legitimate? John Salza is fed-up with the latest Vatican attempt to prop up the great façade. What do you think?

Christopher A. Ferrara Traditional Catholicism and the Revival of the Neo-Catholic Nomenklatura The anti-traditionalists are back in the saddle again, and the neo-Catholic nomenklatura have resumed with renewed vigor their role as compliant Mensheviks alongside the still passionate, however elderly, Bolsheviks of the conciliar revolution.

Chris Jackson Demonic Possession Increasing Since ‘New Rite’ of Exorcism:Although it took the conciliar implementers 34 years, they finally got around to destroying the last vestige of Catholic ritual and liturgical tradition in the Church’s rite of exorcism.

Father F. X. Shouppe, S.J.  What Catholics Believe The Alms of the Neapolitan Woman How it is that the smallest act of charity towards the members of the Church Suffering is precious in the sight of God.

Timothy Brady “El Padrecito” Running the Good Race The amazing true story of one man’s 50-mile ultra-marathon in the mountainous region of western Chihuahua, Mexico. Who is this man? HINT: He is a Catholic priest and he brought the Traditional Latin Mass with him on the Marathon. Can you guess who it is?

Alberto Carosa News from Around the Catholic World The Remnant’s Rome correspondent reports on the first Catholic Church in modern times to be consecrated to St. Joseph. And it took place last month in Finland, of all places!

Theresa Moreau The Real Life Stories: 29 Years in Laogai: The Father Koo Story Continued.

Lives of the Saints St. Athanasius For behold they that hold the Place are charged by them that love God with making it a den of thieves, and with madly making the Holy Place a house of merchandise, and a house of judicial business for themselves to whom it was unlawful to enter there.

Kenneth M. Weinig Common Sense Apologetics: Conversations with my Dog’s Vet

Father Celatus The Last Word: The Francis Effects How long does it take to clear the air through a crack in the door when the House of God is billowing with the smoke of Satan and the fire is still burning?

The Remnant Speaks The Judge Scalia Interview, pros and cons; Are Canonizations Infallible? When the Internet Goes Christophobic; When the Ducks are Flying; In Defense of the Forthcoming Book on Prof. John Senior; Kasper and the Marriage Question

Only about 10% of our articles ever appear online. Subscribe to the Print Version of The Remnant Subscribe to the E-Edition of The Remnant




Only about 10% of our articles ever appear online. Please Subscribe to The Remnant 

Publication Notice This issue is dated April 30, 2014 and is currently in the mail.  As always, you can read the new issue online right away by subscribing to THE REMNANT E-EDITION.



An Exclusive Remnant Interview with U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia

Remnant columnist, Vincent Chiarello, sits down with the Justice and chats about everything from his family roots in Sicily, his Catholic school education, the state of the Church in Europe vs. America, the US Constitution, and the Catholic Mass....To read this article please subscribe to The Remnant



Michael J. Matt Stand Fast and Hold to Tradition On Fast Canonizations and a Controversial Beatification.



Alberto Carosa Rome Correspondent An Interview with the President and CEO of the Alliance Defending Freedom. Christians are fighting back but the major media are ignoring our victories in courtrooms all across the world. Why?



Christopher A. Ferrara What Exactly Is a Traditionalist? The neo-Catholic establishment continues its confident march past the point of no return, explaining away all evidence of disaster while patronizing traditionalists as diehard connoisseurs of nostalgia.  Really, what is their problem?



Chris Jackson On Surviving the Canonizations: Where do we stand?



Brian Mershon  Resurrexit! Sicut Dixit! Alleluia! Paschaltide is a blessing: An Octave of Easter Meditation.



 Timothy J. Cullen The Catholic Arts What is “art”? More often than not, “art” in the English-speaking world is colloquially considered to be synonymous with visual art, painting and sculpture in particular. Upon further consideration, however, one realizes that this is far too restrictive a definition.



John Bishop What Must Catholics Believe? An Open Letter to Pope Francis.



Dr. John Rao A View from Rocco’s... Who Are We To Judge? The question “who am I to judge?” can never be an honest Catholic question. It is not we who judge; it is the Church who does the judging, and it is with respect to principles, guidelines, and notorious public violation of the law of God and nature that her thundering judgment is required.



Theresa Moreau The Real Life Stories: 29 Years in Laogai: The Father Koo Story Continued.



Susan Claire Potts The Wrath to Come. Question: Who predicted this over a hundred years ago:"There will be very few Christians left in the old acceptation of the word. The Faith will be preserved in only a few cottages."



Father Celatus The Last Word: Noah Way, Dude! A review of the newest stupid thing out of Hollywood.



The Remnant Speaks Are Canonizations Infallible? Suspending Ratio; SNAP’s Latest



Only about 10% of our articles ever appear online. Subscribe to the Print Version of The Remnant Subscribe to the E-Edition of The Remnant




Obervations of a Recent Convert from Lutheranism

"As traditionalists, our primary complaint, and our reason for our curmudgeonry, is that the prayers of the new mass have been gutted of Catholic-specific content. That’s the reason for our ire, and that’s the reason we fight the good fight." ...Nate Metzger

One of my favorite Seinfeld episodes features Jerry’s dentist, who has decided to convert to Judaism. Jerry suspects that his dentist has only converted so that he can use self-deprecating Jewish humor without being offensive. Concerned, Jerry visits a priest (a fact in the storyline that is ironically incidental for my purposes) and tells him what’s going on. “Hmm,” replies the priest after hearing about the offensive dentist. “And this offends you as a Jewish person?” “NO!” replies Jerry. “It offends me as a comedian!”

The Internet has told me that the Bishop of Fort Worth was justified in taking away the Mass of the Ages from these poor kids at Fisher More College ‘for the good of [their] souls’. He then said that they could have the Novus Ordo offered at their college, using diocesan priests.


If I’m understanding this right, the good bishop seems to be adopting the usual, post-2007 Catholic position concerning the nature of the two Masses. To wit, while it’s now ok to go the old way, please be advised that only trivial predilections (‘nostalgia’ and ‘addictive fashion’, depending on how old you are) are the officially accepted reasons for ‘preferring’ one over the other.

Alas, insofar as some among this college community might have held to the position that the Old Mass was in fact objectively better, and that (a fortiori) the documents of Vatican II contained deeply flawed, confusing, and sometimes even silly promulgations and ideas, then these same students and faculty were acting out of line. That is, since these Fisher More folks were celebrating the Old Mass as a way of ‘protesting’ the New Mass (and by extension, Vatican II), then a terrible WrongThink had crept into their little community, and it—The Old Mass!—had to be removed, to be replaced by something literally called ‘ordinary’.

It goes without saying that hope for the ever-on-the-horizon New Springtime to finally come to our withering Church, has been relegated to the True Believers, and by that I mean the Old Timers. I suppose that makes sense: after all, their ideas have hardened with time, making such folks less liable to change their views, even when confronted by the cold light of reality. I stress that this goes without saying. Everyone who has a stake in the Catholic game knows that it’s the Old Timers who cling to the Myth of Vatican II with an ungodly, stubborn strength.

It’s the old folks who are the most extraordinarily irrational concerning the question, What is to Be Done? We all know that it is among our Church’s charming geriatric community that we find the last remnants of the most ridiculous of unfalsifiable premises—namely, that Vatican II still needs to be cashed out, if only we give its ideas a bit more time, if we attend to the Project with a bit more energy and attention, and if we hold the line a bit longer…if, if, if we just strip down the church even more, if we just get a bit more hip and relaxed and groovy, if we entirely ditch all of the pomp and circumstance and smells and bells and Latin and incense and formality and rules and dogmas, if we just quit acting like we’re the only show in town, if we get a bit more tolerant and accepting of other religions and ideas and attitudes, if we just loosen our collars a bit (or take them off), if we lighten up a bit more, if we embrace a bit more simplicity and iconoclasm and quit parading around in our Renaissance gear, if we quit acting like we’re part of some monarchial hierarchy, if we cease with the formality and titles and special outfits, if we just get rid of all of the aesthetic decadence that forever attaches itself to these ‘old ways’, and if we get a bit more vague on the whole morality thing….then, then, well, you’ll see! People will see the Catholic Church for the hip and awesome and simple and humble and groovy institution that it is. All of these ancient customs and ceremonies and outfits, and all of these dogmas and laws and rules and rules and rules…they are getting in the way of our true appeal! We’re turning people away with all of our gilded and stuffy customs!

If you wreck it, they will come!

Faithfulness requires a clear head and the ability to call out nonsense for what it is. To be steeped in history is to cease to be neo-Catholic. It is to see the truth of Tradition, and the farce that is the ritual reference to the hermeneutic of continuity.

I’m always amazed by the sheer number of converts who have written books about their journey to the Church. I’m not sure who reads these books, but apparently there’s quite a market for them. I promise you to never join that fray. For one thing, I can’t imagine My Story would be of interest to anyone but a small group of (no doubt annoyed) confessional Lutherans. For another thing, even within this niche market, it would prove to be terribly boring reading. I simply have had no Road to Damascus experience, no existentialist crisis, no particular phenomenological breakthrough, and no precise ‘ah ha!’ moment; I didn’t have an apparition or vision, and I was never ‘shaken to the core’ or some such thing. More importantly for my present purposes, I didn’t see in the Church the solution to some life crisis or trauma, I didn’t ‘feel’ my way into the Church, I didn’t ‘fall in love’ with any aspect of it, and as a result of finding the Church, I didn’t ‘find myself’, nor did I have any other sort of emotional epiphany or therapeutic recovery (though it should be noted that if my conversion had given me such an emotional headway, no Lutheran worth his salt would have taken me seriously anyway—call it the Lutheran Catch-22).

What's the Catholic answer to Catholic bashing?  Our job as Catholics is not to remind people that we can’t be criticized, or to find ways to get our secular government to ‘protect’ us from nasty and unkind critiques, or to get the secular state to allow us the ‘freedom’ to practice our quirky beliefs inside their secular public order; it is instead to show secular critics that our own views on freedom, sex, and much else besides, are correct and should be adopted by the public at large.

A recent issue of U.S. News and World Report published an editorial that upset some Catholics. The essay in question was written by a writer who was rather annoyed that Supreme Court Justice Sonya Sotomayor’s majority-tipping decision allowed some nuns in Denver to opt out of the federal decree that requires businesses of a certain size to offer carcinogens birth control pills as part of their health insurance coverage. The editorialist in question, Jamie Stiehm, saw the Catholic Church as a domineering and meddlesome institution, and one that was usurping the hard won rights of non-Catholic and ‘good’ Catholic-Americans. According to Stiehm, Sotomayor was a ‘bad’ Catholic, in that she was unduly influenced by the authoritarian religious group to which she belonged; it seemed as if her Catholic beliefs had made her blind to the sacred, secular ideals of her own country, including those that boldly speak to the separation of church and state.

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