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Christmas in the Trenches
A Christmas Truce at the World War I Front...More>>>

Barbarism Rising

The Black Hole Where Piety Used to Be...More>>>


The Pilgrimage to Chartres

Thousands to return to France in May 2010 ...More>>>

Christmas Without Santa
Reviving the Catholic Christmas Customs...More>>>

George Weigel and the People Who Know

Are George Weigel and the Conciliar Illuminati Staging a

 Preemptive Strike on the Vatican-SSPX Discussions?...More>>>


 Pro-Abortion "Catholic" Politicians

What About a Little Old-Fashioned Excommunication?...More>>>


A Vatican/SSPX Discussion

Can Vatican II's Teaching on Religious Liberty

Be Reconciled with Tradition? ...More>>>

Restoring Catholic Identity

The Significance of the Chapel Veil...More>>>


De-Christianizing Europe?

Italy vs. the Cross....More>>>


Ireland Falls Into the Sea

The Treaty of Lisbon Debacle in Retrospect...More>>>

On the SSPX-Vatican Discussions

What was all the fuss about?...More>>>

Economics for Catholics…

Exposing the Dangerous

Premises of Economic Liberals...More>>>


"For many" vs. "For all"

Is the Novus Ordo consecration valid? ...More>>>

To Fly from the Cross:

A History of Dark Disorder in the Catholic Church...More>>>


Listening for Mater Ecclesia:

On the Eve of the SSPX Negotiations ...More>>>


Traditional Catholicism Rising

The Latin Mass Movement in Hungary...More>>>

Global Catholic Restoration
FSSP in Nigeria...More>>>

1969 – 2009

Forty Years of Helter Skelter Smelter...More>>>


Where Madness Lies

FaceBook, MySpace and Twitter, Oh My!...More>>>


Liberalism and the Catholic Faith

The Ku Klux Klan promoted itself as a white Protestant organization whose primary goal was to uphold Anglo-Saxon democracy. They considered Catholics to be among those “foreign invaders” who would eventually destroy the United States if not vigorously suppressed. How was it possible for liberals and Catholics to work together to defeat the Klan?...More>>>

Caritas in Veritate
(On Further Reflection)...More>>>
How the Church Failed Ted Kennedy
(And How Ted Kennedy Failed the Church)...More>>>
Science Catches Up with Religion

Researchers prove fetuses have memories,

know mothers’ voices, and have sense of taste, touch and smell...More>>>


Tradition Vindicated Yet Again

True Confessions, Pro Vobis and Pro Multis...More>>>

The 2009 Pilgrimage to Chartres
Through the Eyes of Young American Pilgrims...More>>>
Auto-Demolition in the UK
A Permanent Diaconate for an Evolving Church?...More>>>

Aborting Souls

What they couldn’t kill in the womb they will pervert in the home...More>>>


A Laughable Double Standard

The Duke University-Rape Case Nobody Knows About...More>>>


Caritas in Veritate:

But Is Christ Still King?...More>>>

Persecution Rising

SSPX Goes on Trial in Britain...More>>>

The Christopher West Show
A Neo-Catholic Scandal...More>>>

Reformation Revisited

Scotland’s last Catholic seminary closes...More>>>


The Selective Anathema

Thirteen priests ordained, eight more on the way...More>>>


On the Origin of the Specious

The Evolution of 'Russia's Errors'...More>>>


Fatima and Akita

A Fateful Concurrence...More>>>


1984: The Sequel

(A Real World in Virtual Catacombs)...More>>>


The Wintertime of Vatican II

Notre Dame’s Scandal in Perspective ...More>>>
A Rubicon in Texas
Legal Infanticide on the Horizon...More>>>

Obsessed with Sex

Catholic Universities of America...More>>>

Christopher West Exposed
First Lady of Catholic Conservatism Blasts 'Catholic' Sex Therapist ....More>>>

The Theology of the Body as Realized Eschatology

TOB's Pop 'Theologian' Exposed...Yet Again...More>>>

SSPX Ordinations and the Reign of “the Vatican”

The international controversy over the ordination of twenty-one priests for the Society of Saint Pius X prompts consideration of forty years of governance by “the Vatican” as opposed to the Vicar of Christ....More>>>

The Darwin Delusion
Catholic Scientists Fighting Back...More>>>

Christianity & the Blair Witch Hunt

The Rise of the Ultimate Neo-Catholics....More>>>

Tea Party Catholics

Lettin' Freedom Ring!...More>>>

Coordinating Apostasy
Group Urges Lukewarm Catholics to Leave Church...More>>>
British Bigotry
State-sponsored Persecution of Christians Across the Pond...More>>>
Tridentine Nightmares

Lefebvre Still Speaking After Eighteen Years in the Grave...More>>>


Last Catholic Monarchy  Euthanized

Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg Silenced!...More>>>

Pope Stands With Traditionalists
A Remarkable Letter to the Bishops of the World...More>>>

Franciscans, Dominicans and Lefebvrists

An Open Letter to Progressivists and Modernists...More>>>

A Word from the Institute of the Good Shepherd

Father Philippe Laguérie Interviewed by The Remnant...More>>>

He Is Risen

Waiting on Pentecost...More>>>

A Holy Week Meditation

Jesus, Priest of His Own Victimhood,Victim of His Own Priesthood....More>>>


The Society of St. Pius X and Vatican II:

Where's the Beef?...More>>>

An Interview with Bishop Fellay ...More>>>

Holocaust Revisionism
The Adversary wants to see Holocaust revisionists on both the Catholic and Jewish sides of the fence. Let neither Catholics nor Jews indulge him any longer....More>>>

Second International Declaration

in Support of His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI

A Call to Catholic Action...More>>>


George Weigel’s “Hermeneutic of Discontinuity”

Another Bridge to Nowhere...More>>>
Neo-Catholic Blues
Ferrara Responds to Mirus....More>>>
Ferrara Responds to Lawler

On those “further talks” between SSPX and the Vatican...More>>>

Note from the Vatican Secretary of State
On the Lifting of SSPX Excommunications, Vatican II, and the Williamson “Affair”...More>>>
Neo-Catholic Sour Grapes
SSPX and the 'Full Communion' Canard...More>>>

Vatican Insider Projects Speedy SSPX Resolution

SSPX Will Not be Forced to Swallow the Council...More>>>

Communiqué from the General House of the Society of St. Pius X

Bishop Fellay Takes Decisive Action...More>>>
Triumph and Tribulation
Pope Under Fire for Lifting Excommunication of SSPX Bishops...MORE>>>

Excommunications Lifted

Press Release from the Superior General of the Priestly Society of Saint Pius X...MORE>>>

Broken Family,Broken Empire

Barbarians at the Gates....MORE>>>

The Forgotten Genocide

Remembering the Vendee...MORE>>>


A Voice Crying in the Wilderness....MORE>>>

Has The Persecution Begun?

Obama Declared War On the Unborn, Bishops Fight Back.....MORE>>>

The Catholic Church Still Stands

New York Times, Daily News Praise Pope Pius XII....MORE>>>

The Hate Crimes Racket
Jewish Lawyer Exposes Rank Bigotry of Canadian Human Rights Commission....MORE>>>
Fascist 'Hate' Hunters and their Laughable Double Standard

“Human Rights Industry is Full of Anti-Christian Bigots,” Says Canadian Attorney....MORE>>>

Searching for Bethlehem
The Light at the End of the Tunnel .....MORE>>>
A Christmas Truce

Major Development in St. Paul

Traditional Mass Restored to Historic Church of St. Agnes.....MORE>>>


The Authority of Vatican II

Finding Catholic Ground Between Two Extremes ....MORE>>>


From the Catholic Campaign of Human Development to ACORN

How The U.S. Bishops Helped Elect Barack Hussein Obama.....MORE>>>

Lift Your Eyes to the Mountains
America Has a New President....MORE>>>
Obama and the Laughable Beast
“But thou, O Lord, shalt laugh at them: thou shalt bring all the nations to nothing.”...MORE>>>
South Carolina Priest Thrown Under the Bus
Diocesan Administrator Initially Thanked Fr. Newman, Now Turns on Him.....MORE>>>

Religious Freedom and the Catholic Church

Separating Fact from Revisionist Fiction....MORE>>>
Violent Measures

The Democrats' Solution to Unwanted Babies...MORE>>>


 Partial-Birth Abortion

Barack Obama and American Genocide...MORE>>>


Catholic Social Teaching:

The Only Bailout of Finance Capitalism that Will Work...MORE>>>

A Field of Tears

Who Weeps for the Victims of Abortion?....MORE>>>


Rediscovering Traditionalism

Cambridge Professor Speaks Out on Vatican II, Crisis in the Church, Benedict's Methodical Return to Catholic Tradition....MORE>>>
Medjugorje Falling?
Vatican Disciplinary Action Sends Shockwaves.....MORE>>>

None Dare Call It Apostasy!

A Theology Lesson from Sister Nancy and Father Joe.....MORE>>>


Going to College

And Staying Catholic...MORE>>>
Mang’e State Zitt’ – Eat and be Quiet
Could This Italian Expression Be the Answer to the Optional Dialogue Mass?....MORE>>>

Who's Drinking the Kool-Aid?

Last Stand for the Soul of America....MORE>>>

Judgment Day

God Help Us!....MORE>>>
Why I am Voting Republican this Year
(While Holding My Nose)....MORE>>>

America Needs Its Own

Mit Brennender Sorge

Or is Tax Exemption the New

Thirty Pieces of Silver?.....MORE>>>

Is He 'The One'?....MORE>>>
Tradition Rising in Wisconsin
Priest Terminates Altar Girl Program, Restores Latin Mass.....MORE>>>
Our Own Church At Last!
Traditional Parish Established in Vancouver.....MORE>>>
Tolerating Hate at University of Minnesota, Morris
No Disciplinary Action Expected for Christophobic Professor....MORE>>>
Summorum Pontificum One Year Later
An Interview with Fr. John Berg, Superior General of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter....MORE>>>
The Virgin Joan, Mother of the Christian State

 (And Scourge of Feminists!)....MORE>>>


Sydney or Sodom?

World Youth Day 2008 demonstrates that the crisis in the Church is far from over. ....MORE>>>


An Old Fashioned Summer

Striving for Excellence in the Home School....MORE>>>

Archeologists Discover Christianity

Ancient Find Proves Christ's Words....MORE>>>

A View from Rocco's Cafe

Chartres, Hitchcock & and the Social Kingship of Christ.....MORE>>>
Free Speech in Canada, RIP

The Silencing of Fr. de Valk....MORE>>>

The Promise of Pilgrimage
The Remnant Returns to Chartres...MORE>>>
Vatican Cardinal Ordains Four for Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter
Remnant Editor Questions Cardinal Castrillón ...MORE>>>


Jewish Intellectuals Challenge Tyranny of Darwinism....MORE>>>

Dr. Hitchcock and the Tyranny of Public Opinion.....MORE>>>


The End of an Era

An Open Letter to Senator Ted Kennedy....MORE>>>
God Was Worshipped Here This Morning

Tradition Gaining Steam in New Orleans......MORE>>>

Why are Canadians  Forbidden to Express their Church’s Teaching?

One Courageous Priest Fights Back ....MORE>>>


Christ Our Hope

A Look Back at Pope Benedict's 2008 Missionary Journey to the US ....MORE>>>

The Catcher in the Rye

Catholic Educators and the Death of Innocence...MORE>>>


What Is To Be Done?

Tradition and the Epic Struggle for the Soul of the Western Church.....MORE>>>
Nostra Aetate and the Good Friday Prayer
Pope accused of fomenting "anti-Semitic riots"?....MORE>>>
Dialogued to Death
Catholics Support Suspension of Inter-Faith Dialogue.....MORE>>>

Catholic Bashing!

Pope Compared to Adolf Hitler....MORE>>>


 Pope's Baptism of Prominent Muslim Sends Message:

Be Not Afraid to Acknowledge Christianity as the Truth....MORE>>>
Traditional Mass Comes to Prison

 A Prisoner's Testimony......MORE>>>


Spitzer's Fall:

What it means for New York's bishops and the working moms they employ.....MORE>>>
The Good Friday Prayer Controversy:

Terminated by La Civiltà Cattolica.....MORE>>>


Flectamus Genua

Quo Vadis?.....MORE>>>

Theology of the Body
From David Bowie to Superman to Christopher West.....MORE>>>
International Declaration in Support of His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI.....MORE>>>


Peter and the Wolves
Has The Remnant gone soft?....MORE>>>


Where Do We Stand?
Tradition and the Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI.....MORE>>>

Pope's Good Friday Prayer Sparks International Furor.....MORE>>>


A Papal Masterstroke......MORE>>>
Peter and the New World Order....MORE>>>

"My Books Are About Killing God"

Thank God his movie is about a box office flop....MORE>>>
All I Want For Christmas...

Why is Cardinal Walter Kasper still in charge of anything at the Vatican?  And who will finally declare “ecumenism” dead? ...MORE>>>


Father H. Marchosky, RIP

Tu es Sacérdos in aeternum
secundum ordinem Melchisedech


The Immaculate Conception

Fourteenth Century Decree Sets Record Straight....MORE>>>
What Happened to the Catholic Church?

A Letter from a Convert to His Pastor.....MORE>>>

Daily Traditional Mass Restored
Diocesan priest speaks out on tradition, the Mass and the Pope's MP.....MORE>>>


Michael Davies, Pope Benedict, and the MP

A Tribute and the Road Ahead.....MORE>>>

Ecumenical Dialogue
Prominent Rabbi’ on the Good Friday Prayer: “It Doesn’t Bother Me”......MORE>>>
Mission Impossible?
Tom Cruise to Play German Catholic Hero......MORE>>>
A S.O.R. Spot in the UK
The Dismal State of Education.....MORE>>>

New World Order Now Here?

The truth behind the conspiracy theory....MORE>>>

The Church and Cremation
Why was it forbidden?.....MORE>>>
Our Lady of Benoni?
South African Teenager Claims Visions of Virgin Mary....MORE>>>

Dismantling the Roadblocks

Interpreting the Motu Proprio...
Precisely As It's Written

Turning Point

Traditional Mass Never Abrogated, Triduum Not ‘Banned’, Traditional Sacraments Restored.....MORE>>>


Mass Restoration
Viva Il Papa.....MORE>>>


Bishop Fellay on Summorum Pontificum: “very significant historical event”

Pope Affirms Cardinal Castrillón Interviews: SSPX within the Church.....MORE>>>


Traditional Parish Life Most Beneficial
FSSP Superior General Grants First Public Interview......MORE>>>
Goodbye, Fourth of July
A Veteran of Iwo Jima Remembers America......MORE>>>


Fire in Darkness
The Chartres Pilgrimage, After Twenty-Five Years.......MORE>>>

The Loss of the Sacred

New Jersey Bishop Issues Courageous Statement in Diocesan Newsletter......MORE>>>


Christophobic HBO

More on Bill Maher's Hate-filled Rant.....MORE>>>


Bertone vs. Socci

Civil War Rages in Rome Over Third Secret of Fatima...MORE>>>
Guy Sebastian on the Record

Not Against ‘Gay Marriage’, Goes to ‘Gay Clubs’, Set to Rock World Youth Day Sydney ....MORE>>>


Is the Motu Proprio Still 'Imminent'?

Three Cardinals and an Archbishop Give Clues to its Contents.....MORE>>>


Confronting Depression

Even in a 'Progressive' New World, Trusting in God's Providence is the Only Way......MORE>>>

Catholicism in the Military

A Sailor's Reflection.....MORE>>>


Monsignor Richard Schuler Dies...MORE>>>


Waiting for the Universal Indult

(Why the enemies of the Church hope it never comes).....MORE>>>


Peter and the Rock Star

Why do they hate Christians so much?.....MORE>>>


O Crux, ave, spes unica

“Hail Cross!  Thou only hope of man. During this Passiontide increase the grace of the pious and purge sinners from their guilt.” (Vexilla Regis.).....MORE>>>


Vatican Reiterates Ban on Catholic Membership in Masonic Organizations

Who's Afraid of Richie's dad?.....MORE>>>


Interesting Turn of Events

Did Pope Benedict Correct Vatican II?....MORE>>>


Liberation Theologian Censured

One Hundred Years After Pascendi, Vatican Still Condemns Modernist Theology ....MORE>>>


News from Rome

World waits for Indult to Come and Sodano to Go.....MORE>>>


A New Song of Bernadette

Editor’s Note: On December 25, 2006, a little  girl named Bernadette Pouliot died suddenly. She was just six years old.  Though this miniature soldier of Christ is no longer with us physically, her memory seems destined to live on for years to come. Her sublimely Catholic death will stand as a triumphant reminder to those living in this modern Age of Darkness that Hope must live on and that the light of Faith is all that really matters, for it is that Light which transforms the darkness of death from an evil specter and a cruel end into a glorious new beginning.  That Christian reality is the reason the faithless, hopeless enemies of Christ hate Him and, by extension, hate those who follow Him.....MORE>>>

Christophobes at the Gates

By now many readers of this newspaper will have heard of the nonsensical and error-filled “report” on the traditionalist movement by an outfit called the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). SPLC’s self-bestowed mission is to rid America of “hate and intolerance,” which is how the far-Left describes any sort of effective opposition to Liberalism’s claim to possession of the entire world.....MORE>>>

The Rise of Militant Christophobia

My telephone rang one afternoon last fall. The caller identified herself as Rhonda Brownstein—a lawyer with the Southern Poverty Law Center, an organization that monitors hate groups in America and was conducting an “investigation” of the traditional Catholic movement in the United States......MORE>>>

Why is Boston Becoming a Catholic Graveyard?
Apart from the caperings of Moose and Squirrel, the old Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoon show also featured a segment called “Mr. Peabody’s Improbable History.” Peabody was a genius dog who wore glasses, owned a pet boy named Sherman, and had invented a “wayback” machine which transported the duo to some pivotal event in history. ...MORE>>>
An Interview With Bishop Fellay
After a plenary meeting of the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei (PCED) December 12, 2006, Jorge Cardinal Medina told reporters that the Commission had discussed two documents for a total of four hours. The first was the long-awaited, and reportedly much edited, motu proprio expected to be forthcoming that will ease restrictions to offer the Traditional Roman rite of Holy Mass......MORE>>>
Rebels in Rome:
The Catholic Church and the Confederacy in Civil War America
Over the past few decades the number of mainstream historians who have begun taking a more sophisticated look at what really transpired before, during and after the War Between the States has been on the rise. This is welcome news since in the case of the so-called Civil War (in reality, it was no such thing!), the victors certainly were allowed to write the history books. Fourteen decades after General Robert E. Lee surrendered the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia to Lieutenant General Ulysses S. Grant at Appomattox Court House, Virginia on April 9, 1865, many Americans still think of Confederates as little more than an obstreperous band of racist hillbillies. This is hardly surprising since American school children ever since have been dutifully taught that the bloody conflict, which exacted over 1 million American casualties, was all about one thing—ending the gross injustice of Slavery. But if this is so, why is it that the Emancipation Proclamation of 1863 applied only to the Southern States and not the North where there were, in fact, a number of slaves still hard at it......MORE>>>

Religious Belief is a Nightmare, Says Scientist

"A forum this month at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in La Jolla, California, which might have been one more polite dialogue between science and religion, began to resemble the founding convention for a political party built on a single plank: In a world dangerously charged with ideology, science needs to take on an evangelical role, vying with religion as teller of the greatest story ever told," writes George Johnson of The New York Times (Nov. 22, 2006).....MORE>>>

Christmas in the Trenches

Though World War I had been raging for only four months, it was already proving to be one of the bloodiest wars in history. Soldiers on both sides were trapped in trenches, exposed to the cold and wet winter weather, covered in mud, and extremely careful of sniper shots. Machines guns had proven their worth in war, bringing new meaning to the word "slaughter." ....MORE>>>

Is Christ the King a Liberal?

Conservatism, Bush and the Iraq War

Dear Mr. Matt, (Readers' Forum Open for Comments)

It is with regret, after 30 years, that we will not renew our subscription to The Remnant. Although many of your articles are really excellent, I have noticed a trend towards liberal  politics; i.e., against President Bush and the war. Iraq did have WMDs (they were not loudly proclaimed in the press) and the President is trying only to protect the citizens of this country against further attacks from terrorists. In my opinion, he should do even more. Several commentators have said the situation today is similar to 1939 when Hitler tried to take over Europe. It seems you are not well informed about politics, and that you should stick to the religious issues where you have the most expertise. I think your father would have done so.

Sincerely yours,

Martha von Guggenberg....MORE>>>


The Rest of the Story

Jews Witness to Pius XII's 'Silence'

Philip Johnson’s column in the October 15th  edition of The Remnant—The “Silence of Pius XII—brings to light the lies and calumnies expressed by Jews towards the pontificate of Pope Pius XII in World War II. It wasn’t always that way.....MORE>>>

Ecumenism's Ongoing Assault on Revealed Truth

The New Order “Ecumenism” of Vatican II seems to be running its ridiculous course to eventual oblivion.  Helping this along is the American (Protestant) Episcopal Church’s slide away from its traditional Anglican roots.  This is evident by its recent election of a radical feminist and sexual libertarian, Katharine Jefferts Schori, as Presiding Bishop of the U.S. Episcopal Church.  ....MORE>>>

Rome Corrects Error, After 40 Years

For traditionalist Catholics nothing is more symptomatic of the crisis in the Church than the deliberate mistranslation of pro vobis et pro multisfor you and for many—as “for you and for all” in vernacular renderings of the Latin typical edition of the Mass of Paul VI by local episcopal conferences and the ICEL.  This error, which falsely suggests the universal application of the fruit of the Mass to the elect and non-elect alike, was rightly described as “truly scandalous” by Monsignor Klaus Gamber in his Reform of the Roman Liturgy, to which the current Pope wrote an approving French language preface when he was Cardinal Ratzinger.....MORE>>>

Should Catholics Blog?

Blogging. By now every Catholic, even if he leads as hermetic an existence as did Saint Bruno, must know about it. Blogs (short, of course, for “weblogs”) have now become the preferred method for communication among Catholics in the English-speaking world, more especially in America. It seems every second Catholic one meets has a blog, from the staunchest traditionalist to the most oafish lesbian eucharistic minister.......MORE>>>


The Catholic Gentleman

A Fading Image

Buried deep within the archive of old photographs accumulated over the years by my family, there is an interesting picture of my great-grandfather that, like so many of its vintage, provides a sort of keyhole view through the great prison door of modernity that bars us from the old world, the memory of which is sadly growing  dimmer every day.......MORE>>>

The Universal Indult vs. the Universal Insurance Policy?

It’s November again, and Vatican watchers are buzzing about yet another November surprise: Pope Benedict XVI is reportedly set to release a motu proprio that will more fully restore the traditional Mass throughout the world.  It’s too soon to tell, of course, but perhaps the late Michael Davies’ predictions weren’t far off.  Is “Cardinal Ratzinger” preparing to make the serious move in Tradition’s favor that Michael insisted would come? Evidently, we’ll all know soon enough......MORE>>>

Portugal Will Keep the Faith and Legalize Abortion?

The country visited by Our Lady of Fatima — Portugal — risks becoming an abortion mill like so many other “Catholic” countries in Europe.  On October 19, 2006, the parliament ratified the proposition of the new socialist government of Jose Socrates to introduce a referendum for abortion on demand until the 10th week of pregnancy.......MORE>>>

Anti-Catholic Terrorism

Searching for Rev. Gen-Jun "Joseph" Lu


When the Rev. Gen-Jun “Joseph” Lu answered his ringing cell phone last February, the voice on the other end – a fellow underground Roman Catholic priest: his comrade in the Church Militant – made a simple request.  “I’ve just purchased my train ticket. I’ll be arriving in Baoding tomorrow, and I’d like to talk to you. If you’re able, would you, please, meet me at the railway station?”.....MORE>>>


Catholic Culture Conference Inspires Church Militant


A unique Catholic Cultural conference was held by The Remnant in St Paul Minnesota the weekend of September 23, 2006.....MORE>>>


The Great Moral Flaw in the Second Vatican Council

It's a question of the Oath!


The thesis of this article will seem radical to many and will no doubt be controversial.  This article suggests that there was a great moral flaw – not just a moral flaw, but a great moral flaw – in the doings of the Second Vatican Council, and that the great moral flaw contains within it an implication that the participants in the Second Vatican Council could not have been cooperating with the oversight of God the Holy Spirit. The very title of this paper might be seen as offensive to those who suggest that there cannot possibly be a “moral flaw” in the Second Vatican Council, or in any Ecumenical Council, because of the oversight of the Holy Spirit.  To them, the title may even seem blasphemous.....MORE>>>


Abolishing Limbo?

Open Letter to Pope Benedict XVI


Most Holy Father,

Yet again the Catholic world is disturbed by rumors that the International Theological Commission (ITC), with the approval of Your Holiness, is about to “abolish” the doctrine of Limbo. As one English reporter has claimed, the announcement of the “abolition” of Limbo has been scheduled for tomorrow, October 6, when Your Holiness will supposedly “cast aside centuries of Catholic belief” by “approv[ing] formally” the putative conclusion of the ITC that “all children who die do so in the expectation of ‘the universal salvation of God’ and the ‘mediation of Christ,’ whether baptized or not.” The reporter quotes an anonymous source, who states that “in effect, this means that all children who die go to Heaven.”.....MORE>>>


Assisi Revisited

It has often been rumored among segments of the traditional Catholic diaspora that Cardinal Ratzinger had, for one reason or another, been opposed to the inter-religious prayer meeting convened by John Paul II in Assisi in 1986. That meeting shook the Catholic world. Whether one was for or against it, all were agreed that the event was revolutionary......MORE>>>

Apocalypse Now!

Global Democracy and the Rise of the Anti-Christ 

(POSTED SEPT. 26, 2006 Editor’s IntroductionPerhaps the following article will not be easy to read for some.  It’s an analysis of the philosophical and theological errors that were long ago insinuated into the root system of modern political thought. Born of the Protestant Revolution, these errors would ultimately bring the great tree of Christendom crashing to the ground.  Included within this analysis is a penetrating look at how some of these fundamentally Protestant ideas made their way into the founding documents of our own country......MORE>>>

Apocalypse Not Now


(POSTED September 16, 2006 In her lifetime, Sister Lucy said enough about the content of the Third Secret of Fatima to leave us in no doubt that those twenty-five lines or so of text speak of catastrophic events, particularly within the Church......MORE>>>


Remembering September 11


( Editor's Note:  The following was published in The Remnant shortly after September 11, 2001 when a number of us visited Ground Zero in New York.  It is posted now in memory of all those who died there.  Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them.  May they rest in peace. MJM......MORE>>>


Brother Roger’s Immanentized “Conversion”

(POSTED 09/10/06 The Remnant ignited an international controversy when it published a newsletter report by the acclaimed French Catholic writer, Yves Chiron, that the late Brother Roger Schutz, who was head of the ecumenical “Taizé community,” had undergone a “discreet” conversion and was really a Catholic when he died. This, Chiron suggested, would explain why Brother Roger was allowed to receive Holy Communion at the hands of then Cardinal Ratzinger during the funeral Mass for John Paul II.  This “discreet” conversion, Chiron reported, took place in 1972, when, in the chapel of the Bishop of Autun, Brother Roger was administered Holy Communion by a Monsignor Le Bourgeouis after he had made “profession of the Catholic Faith.”...MORE>>>

Defending the Sacraments Against Protestants

In an old book, we read about the last hours of Dutch Schultz, at the time, the country's most notorious criminal. Cold-blooded murder, robbery and assault were just a few of the offenses credited to him and his gang. At thirty-three, Arthur Flegenheimer (his real name) was said to control an annual income which ran into the millions.....MORE>>>

Did Brother Roger Schutz Convert?

Editor’s Note: Since the following article was recently sent to us by Yves Chiron directly, it seems fair to assume that the respected French author may have had The Remnant in mind when he lamented the fact that certain American and French reviews had criticized Cardinal Ratzinger for having given Holy Communion to “a Protestant”—the late Brother Roger Schutz. In the following article, Mr. Chiron sets out to prove that Brother Roger—the founder of the Taizé Community in France—had, in fact, made a profession of Catholic Faith some years ago and wasn’t Protestant at all.  According to Mr. Chiron, this conversion was “discreet,” and was not generally known until after Brother Roger’s controversial reception of Holy Communion at Pope John Paul’s April 2005 funeral, after which even Cardinal Kasper, when questioned directly, reportedly had to admit that Brother Roger was “formally Catholic.”  ....MORE>>>


A Shot at the Summit

The Forgotten Mass at Iwo Jima

I was once doing research for a paper concerning Fr. Charles Suver, a Jesuit from the Oregon Province who served as a Navy chaplain in World War II.  Suver, from what I ascertained, considered himself a bit of a tough guy and wanted to be assigned to the Marines, where the action was.  He got his wish.  On February 19, 1945, Suver landed with the 5th Marines on the small volcanic island of Iwo Jima in the Bonin chain....MORE>>>

Is the Black Mass Valid?

Knowing the GNOSIS

A frustrated wag in these confused times is said to have asked his Bishop, “Your Excellency, does attendance at the black Mass satisfy my Sunday obligation?”..MORE>>>

Traditionalists Bring Latin Mass Back to Lutheran Norway

NORWAY: The association UNEC (Union of the Nations of European Christians) organized, from August 5th to 14th, 2006, a "Pilgrimage to Catholic Norway". It's true  that in  this large  country -  with only 4.4 million inhabitants - the  number of  Catholics is  very small,  since  the  whole  country  accepted  Lutheranism in  the beginning  of  the  16th century,  after the exit  of Martin  Luther from  the Catholic  Church. What a calamity!...MORE>>>

The Trial of Edward Atkinson

January 6th: I wrote to Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Kings Lynn, advising them that I would not be available between certain dates for appointments in connection with proposed hip-replacement. I enclosed a pro-life leaflet containing a photo of an unborn baby who had been murdered by abortion.....MORE>>>

On the Glorious Assumption of Our Blessed Lady

Hark! She is call'd. The parting hour is come.
Take thy farewell, poor world! Heav'n must go home
A piece of heav'nly earth, purer and brighter
Than the chaste stars, whose choice lamps come to light her
While through the crystal orbs, clearer than they,
She climbs and makes a fair more milky way.
She's called. Hark how the dear immortal dove
Sighs to his silver mate, 'Rise up, my love!
'Rise up, my fair, my spotless one!
'The winter's past, the rain is gone. .....MORE>>>

A Word on the July Elections

Praying for the Best

It was disappointing to learn that one or two traditionalist websites wasted no time at all last month chastising those of us who’d welcomed as good news the recent election results out of the Society of St. Pius X and the Fraternity of St. Peter.   Cyber critics notwithstanding, the July 7th election of  American Fr. John Berg (36 years old) as the third Superior General of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter is welcome news indeed, especially since his reputation as a good and holy priest is well established. Father Berg, whose family resides here in Minnesota, has on several occasions offered the Traditional Mass at St. Augustine’s Catholic Church in So. St. Paul, and always left an exceedingly favorable impression on those in attendance.....MORE>>>

Searching for Bishop Su

Persecuted Chinese bishop gone but not forgotten


From the back seat of the gypsy cab, Ming-Chuan “Joseph” Kung watched Beijing blur by. Everything had been pre-arranged. Everything. As the hired driver steered through the streets of the capital city of the People’s Republic of China, the seven passengers – a small delegation of Americans in town for a human rights conference – rode mostly in silence. Only periodic, superficial chitchat and the heavy breathing of the car’s heater broke the stillness of that wintry January 8 in 1994...MORE>>>


“Our Churches Will Empty”

Vatican secretary makes staggering admission

In a July 13th interview with I Media news agency in Rome, Archbishop Albert Malcom Ranjith Patabendige Don, the newly appointed Secretary of the Congregation for Divine Worship, made a small remark of enormous import. After revealing that the Congregation daily receives letters from the people lamenting liturgical abuses in the New Mass, he said: “It is our duty to be vigilant… Because, in the end, the people will assist at the Tridentine Mass and our churches will empty.”1...MORE>>>

Movie Education

The last quarter century has given us in the movies another instructional agency.  It has given us an educational system which is alluring and cogent, and which involves all the youth of the country as completely and thoroughly as our long built up school system itself. The all-pervasive and permeating quality which the movies have evinced in the space of a single generation is itself proof of their universal appeal to mankind.  ...MORE>>>

Vatican II and the Narrow Limits of Infallibility

Objection: You maintain that there is only one subject (or holder) of infallibility. But mustn't we take into consideration the Second Vatican Council's teaching which gives us to understand (Constitution Lumen Gentium, # 22 and 25)  that there are two holders of  supreme power and infallibility in the Church: the Pope on the one hand, and on the other hand, the College of Bishops united with the Pope?.....MORE>>>

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